Feminism: 3 wholesome reasons why it is great


Lately, the issue of feminism has become more and more proeminent – and I totally get why! It’s an issue of concern for all of us. Before plunging into the explanation why feminism is vital for our society nowadays, I wil provide a brief definition, so that all of us know for sure what this social movement implies.

Britannica defines feminism as:”the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes”.

  1. Equality between sexes, the goal of feminism, is a form of evolution

It might be kind of difficult to adjust to the permanent changes in our world, but equality between men and women is generally agreed with and actually applied in society, it proves us humans to be wiser than we were 20, 50 or 100 years ago. Holding on to old, outdated, sexist values and worldviews that serve only to hold people back and force them into neat little boxes is regressive and even harmful. Through feminism, we can always strive to do better, to be better, to be more aware of and considerate of others’ needs and work together instead of try to tear each other down – isn’t that a wonderful thing?

2. Feminism teaches that biology should not tear us apart

Arguing that whatever mother nature offered us when we were born defines us is something irrelevant – the modern society should have room for everyone, especially after the tumultuous 20th century, when men, women, Asian and black people have fought for their and our rights. Neither genetics nor gender should be a reason of discrimination – do I have to remind you that we are stronger together?

More than that, we, human beings, are capable of raising above whatever unpleasant tendencies we may have and actually make an effort to make the world we live in a better place – and if you are not interesting in changing anything for yourself, think about your potential children and grandchildren, who should come in a world safer and, in fact, better!

3. Feminism teaches that people are not defined by their gender

Reducing a human being to a male or female is not only rude, but also childish – people are defined by much more than physical features. As Ancient Greek believed, we are superior because we use our reason – and although I don’t fully agree with the superiority of the species, I want to believe that being reasonable means being able to fully comprehend the society one lives in and its needs. Also, society is formed of individual beings, with feelings, hopes and expectations, therefore generalization would be a terrible mistake.

Therefore, feminism doesn’t imply aggressive people fighting and trying to win the superiority on Earth, but rather people trying to reach a middle ground, trying to diminish the differences and privileges, trying to grant properly human rights.

What are your thoughts on Feminism?



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