Feminazi vs. Red pillers: two extremes regarding feminism


Let’s be honest. We all saw all sorts of memes on the internet about these extremes. The radical feminists (a.k.a. feminazi) are stereotypically depicted as insane women. They are “defined” by colored hair, piercings and unstoppable rage. These people love to shout out how much they hate men. They combine themselves with radical movements and trends, such as #kam. On the other end of the extreme, we have red pillers. Inspired from the Matrix movie, the “red pill” refers to accepting the so called “uncomfortable truth”. “Feminism ruined the society.” “Men have it way worse than women”. “Sexism is a fallacy and women, in reality, want manipulative, controlling men”. These are just a few of these “truths”. Both feminazi and red pillers are two extreme positions regarding feminism.

Okay, but what is feminism then?

A lot of people, when they hear the word “feminism”, they associate it with feminazis. This is so far away from the truth. In reality, feminism started as a social movement for equality. Do you have any ideas how many women, royals, nobles and peasants were sold as objects? How many of them had no right to learn how to read, write and think? How they were (and still are) depicted as “less”, as “property”, “just pretty things”? Just imagine a much older guy, who you don’t even know, buying you. That wouldn’t be cool at all. Unfortunately, people forget or don’t know about this. It started from the feminine writers, suffragettes, all the way up to nowadays true feminists. Feminism promotes one huge and simple thing: women are humans too. Your gender does not define your worth.


Let me give you a small example, from literature. Once, a guy named Gaston Bachelard told the world that death by drowning is a feminine death. Why? That’s because women had “female fluidity”. Periods, breast milk, even tears are signs of “nah, you’re inferior to us, manly men”. Do you have any idea how many people wrote novels, poems and essays wrote about the phallus? Sure, a woman is insane and irrational for wanting to be treated as a human being. Yet, a lot of writers are geniuses and rational thinkers when they write about their manhood. Even anger issues and bad hygiene was (and still is, by some people) considered “manly”. Yickes…

Red pillers vs. Feminazi

There are a lot of “organizations” that promotes misogyny or misandry.  The #kam movement shocked me. Girls and women from all around the world believe that all men should cease to exist. It may seem like a silly little trend, a joke, something that is not serious. But this type of “movement” gives birth to hatred and manipulative mentalities. Did you know that a 11 y.o. boy tried to take his life because of #kam? That hatred leads to conflicts and violence. A lot of men are victims of their partners’, parents’, siblings’ or friends’ toxic behavior. When I explained this type of toxicity to some of my acquaintances, they laughed. They, men and women as well, thought women were too weak to be aggressive. Or that men should just “man up”. While there are more female victims of physical violence, many men are victims of emotional manipulators.

On the other hand, the subreddit r/redpill promotes the “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” In reality, just like r/mgtow, they want to separate from the society that feminism “destroyed”. Some members of these communities think that women, in fact, want to be sexually assaulted. They claim that women want “alpha”, attractive and rich men to control them. A lot of them declare they are “nice” and as soon as they face rejection they become aggressive. In the end, feminazi and red pillers represent extremes that are extremely toxic.

Why the extremes then?

The answer is simple: control. Bad, manipulative people want control. And evil has no gender. Both feminazi and red pillers want control.  The reality is that there is no control. There is no better, more rational gender. It’s as if you are claiming that your left eye is better than your right one. Or vice versa. But, in reality, your vision is incomplete without one of them. You are vulnerable. Just by rejecting women, you reject so many discoveries, theories and intellectuals. For example, women invented our Wi-Fi, GPS and fridges. Dividing causes destruction, irrational hate and fear. So why divide? Why would you restrict people’s rights, based on their gender? Of course, besides wanting to manipulate and control them.

While the situation is a lot brighter than in the past, true equality won’t exist. Because there will always be people who want control the others. We shouldn’t be too pessimistic though. Even the small improvements are incredibly helpful. As a conlusion, open your eyes, be mindful of others and think rationally.



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