Fashion – an incurable passion during the quarantine

fashion passion

While in quarantine, there’s nothing you can do. Yet, you become much more creative. So why don’t you try to make your own clothes? Paint them, rip them, sew them, DIY them. Renew your entire wardrobe for when this is all over. Let’s get artsy and crafty! And how about having your own fashion-passion show?

I know it sounds a bit impossible but now it’s your time to shine. Don’t waste it and try something you’ve always wanted to. Let the artist inside you take over the reins and get the job done. There are more ways to drive away your boredom while gaining new skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Something borrowed, something new

You know those old jeans your mother used to wear when she was about your age? Or that band T-shirt your dad wore his whole adolescence and now he keeps it in a box? Those pieces can be a blessing for your new look, as they keep up with nowadays trends, so why don’t you give them a new purpose?

Fashion - an incurable passion during the quarantine

As vintage clothes are all in style right now, why buy new but old-looking ones, when you can get them for free? Go search your mother’s, sister’s, father’s wardrobes for clothes they don’t wear anymore but they can’t throw away. Those objects may have sentimental value to your relatives so they’d be more than thrilled for you to wear them. You know the saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You’ll never know what you can find while looking into someone’s past.

  • Out of style, new design

I am sure that some of your clothes are out of style, but you like the pattern or the material too much to give them away. I am sure you are concerned about the environment – or at least you should be – and you try to help. Here’s an idea: how about reusing those clothes? Make them fashionable, wear them with passion.

First of all, go watch some YouTube videos about modifying clothes. Those will be helpful for sure. You can choose to sew them or glue them – what an amazing invention is the hot glue gun! So, bring all the clothes you don’t wear anymore and start measuring what you’re going to cut out and transform it! Add some sequins, crop a top, rip some jeans, you’ll never know when you’ll be the new brand of the world.

Or you can do like every other Balkan mother does: use them as a cloth to wipe floors or windows.

In case you don’t want to wear anything at all at the end, please go and donate. Some people will be really grateful for that.

  • Too bored but can afford

fashion passion

I am sure you’ve seen this all over Instagram and other social media apps. Well, why don’t you give it a try? Paint your own clothes or shoes, even your bed sheets if you want. Not only can you give your old clothes a new look, but you can also sell them if they don’t turn out as you wanted. This is your chance to show your talent.

This way, you can have the colors, shapes, and patterns you’ve always wanted but never found on a cloth you liked. People on the street will ask you where you got that pair of jeans or what collection are your shoes from. You’ll be the center of attention with unique pieces. Every day will be like a runway show.

  • Start from scratch, keep in touch

And finally, the last one. If you live with your mother, or grandmother, or older relatives, it’s impossible not to have some material somewhere in the house. That piece was bought many years ago, for them, to make a dress or a costume for a special occasion but they forgot about it. Or simply just bought a new one, already pre-made.

Now is your chance to make something pretty for yourself. Use your family’s knowledge about needlework and get in touch with them again. Have a common hobby and talk about their memories and how they learned how to sew. Get in touch with your past because I’m sure you’d like that quality.

fashion passion

It’s never too late and every day you can learn something new. Today is that day. Start from nothing and raise an empire with your abilities. Is it fashion or is it passion? Why can’t it be both?

As you can see, most famous designers started like this and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one. Maybe your passion for fashion will slowly take you there. Take a look at this article to see how you can start!


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