5 Fascinating Water Creatures – Wonders of the Deep-Sea

Source: Wikipedia.com

Ever since we were little, we were accustomed to the fact that our seas and oceans are travelled by famous water creatures. The fauna of the sea was presented to us when we were little in various documentaries and TV programs, but it seems to miss one fascinating part of the globe’s hydrosphere. I’m talking about the Deep Sea. The level of the Sea that is brimming with some of the most fascinating yet terrifying water creatures. Here are 5 deep-sea creatures that you surely haven’t heard about.

The Pandea Lubra

Source: Wikipedia.com

A beautiful species of jellyfish that can be found only in the deep parts of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its unique aspect that makes it look like a red umbrella when it expands, it is also known as the “red paper lantern jellyfish”.

Fun Fact: The Pandea Lubra’s organism can produce and emit bioluminescence. It is a natural cold light created through a chemical reaction inside the body.

The Glass Octopus

Source: Wikipedia.com

Another fascinating water creature is this species of octopus that is colourless and completely transparent, up to the point where all of its organs can be seen through its body. Its most characteristic body part, that is the mantle, can reach as much as 11 cm in length. The octopus uses it to brood its eggs by storing them in the mantle’s cavity.

The Vampire Squid

Source: Wikipedia.com

Don’t get distracted by its vivid colours and fascinating aspect, because the dozens of spikes that are inside its oral cavity are here to tell another story. Together with its bright red skin colour, they may be the reason why the scientists that discovered it called it “The vampire squid from Hell”

Fun Fact: the body of the Vampire Squid is filled with organs that are able to emit light. They are also known as “photophores”. The light that is emitted by the squid is used to disorient predators and can last for several minutes!

The Barreleye Fish

Source: Wikipedia.com

When you look at the peculiar and uncanny aspect of the Barreleye, you will soon realize that the scientists weren’t joking when they referred to it as “spooky fish”. Unlike most fish, the Barreleye is able to rotate his eyes to look for prey. The region of its head is transparent, and it helps the fish collect light and also protects it from other living organisms.

The Emperor Shrimp

Source: Wikipedia.com

The most intriguing species of shrimp that scientists manage to capture. It is characterized by its delightful bright orange and red body and purple members. Being a parasite, it lives off of sea cucumbers and slugs without harming them.

I hope that these water creatures are as fascinating to you as much as they are to me. The deep-sea fauna is the most captivating part of the wildlife of our planet. Therefore, it shouldn’t be left out of the spotlight as much as it is today.


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