Fan fiction – 5 incredibly popular tropes

fan fiction

Previously a pretty niche interest, fan fiction has grown a lot in popularity in recent years. Many famous authors started their writing careers with fan fiction. Reading and writing it can be a very fun and creatively rewarding way to explore your favourite movies, series or books.

But which fan fiction tropes do people seem to love the most?

The fix-it fic

Our favourite media, more often than not, disappoints us. Perhaps that one character you strongly sympathized with died, or the ending of the story felt completely nonsensical and utterly disappointing. Well, fix-it fics are written precisely for people whose expectations have not been met. No matter in what ways you’ve been let down, you’ll surely find a better-written retelling on fan fiction sites that you’ll absolutely love.


Watching two people go from being on opposite sides of a conflict to loving each other can be a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions. This is why the enemies-to-lovers trope is so beloved in fandom circles. The matter of fact is that villains are often particularly compelling and attractive characters, so it comes as no surprise that many people want to see them romance the good guys or girls.

Slow burn

This romance fic trope involves two characters gradually falling in love over a long time – like, a really long time. You’d have to be a very resilient person to survive a 200K-word slow burn fic of those characters you really want to see together! However, these fics are as rewarding as they are lengthy. Combine this trope with the enemies-to-lovers trope for truly riveting results.

The college AU

Many people are interested in alternate universes where their favourite characters, who are not canonically in higher education, are college students. Similar to this trope, high school AUs are popular as well. Many people love to imagine their faves being up to various shenanigans on campus – and to speculate on what their favourite subjects may be.

The modern AU

This one involves characters from a canonically historical, fantasy, or futuristic setting being part of our world and doing things that we, modern people, do. When it comes to far-out to our world characters, it can be a fun exercise to think of what they would be like as our contemporaries. That is why this particular type of trope is so appealing to people.


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