Famous Webcomic Artists You Don’t Know the Name of


Webcomic artists – you often stumble upon their comics during your daily scrolling. After encountering comics drawn in the same style or with the same type of humor, you may want to find more works from the artist. But even though these comics spread so quickly, the name of the author often remains a mystery and you have to wait and hope that you will come across one of those comics one more time. And even so, the author may not be credited.

To ease your task, I have created a list with some of the most famous webcomic artists you may not know the name of and I hope you will find here the ones you were looking for.

Shen Comics – maybe you know him as Owlturd. He often personifies emotions, years, or life itself and is also the one behind the comics featuring personality Type A and Type B.

Sarah Andersen comics – her comics often present her trying to act like an adult and the relatable and amusing failure that follows.

Cassandra comics – this series presents the discrepancy between expectations and reality in everyday life, the struggles and insecurities of artists or relatable moments of happiness or frustration.

Art by Moga – this artist presents her day-to-day life with her husband and their dog in a realistic and humorous manner. She promotes body positivity, self-care and LGBT rights and her comics often remind ourselves to practice acceptance. Her attitude denotes positivity and optimism, but she is not afraid to allow her fans to know about her struggles, flaws and insecurities.


The Pigeon Gazette – Jane creates comedy comics about relatable everyday situations.


Catana comics – these comics are about the artist’s life with her boyfriend and present the beautiful and romantic moments in relationships.

The Awkward Yeti –  this artist is most known for his Heart and brain series, which is about the difficulty in finding balance between reason and emotion. The heart and the brain are often disregarding the advice of one another and end up getting into trouble, but there are also instances when they manage to work as a team and the comic has a happy ending.

Alec with pen – Alec’s comics are mainly about depression, anxiety and are abundant in dark humor.

Realistcomics – this comic artist combines humor with more serious matters, choosing to address issues such as politics, war, consumerism or the hardship of finding balance between family life and time dedicated to work and art.

Webcomic name – the famous “Oh, no!” comics, which feature the adventures of the characters in a three-panel format.

Mr. Lovenstein – one of the webcomic artists who is best known for his dark humor.

Deep Dark Fears – this series features all spectrum of fears submitted by readers, some more strange and uncommon than the others. Although some are very specific, in many cases you may find out that you are not the only one who had a seemingly irrational fear.


The RedDot Comic – this artist is not afraid of mocking herself or addressing controversial topics; after all, her companion is a talking butt plug.

Yehuda DeVir – in the beginning, Yehuda DeVir’s comics were about the ups and downs in the relationship with his girlfriend, Maya. His comics now have a new main character: their daughter, Ariel. The adventures faced by the young parents in their daily life are presented with the same sense of humor.

Loading Artist – his comics are funny, easy to read and will surely brighten up your day.

Cyanide and happiness – this controversial series is written and illustrated by several people and is notorious for the dark humor.

Sanesparza – his comics have become more diverse in the last few years and a change in the drawing style also occurred, but this artist is most probably known for his HOW TO series or THE GHOST series.

Safely Endangered – comedy comics about a wide variety of topics with numerous types of characters, including people, plants, animals or pop-culture characters.

Sir Kornflakes – artist Brian Kim creates relationship comics which depict relatable situations, as he represents both the good and the bad in relationships. When his comics portray an ugly situation, he uses a “quack” in order to provide some comic relief. The characters are not humans, but dumplings, in order to be relatable to anyone, but also to introduce an Asian element, since the artist is Korean.


Inyourfacecake – Julie is an artist from Denmark who illustrates her daily life while making fun of her silliness. Many of her comics feature her boyfriend, who is an important part of her life, but, as she claims, “Many of them are just me being stupid or silly”.

Fowl language – this artist presents the hardship of parenthood through duck characters.

Bunicomic – the bunny is the main character, but he is sometimes replaced or accompanied by other personified animals or objects in some of the most imaginative and often absurd situations.

Poorly drawn lines – the tone of these comics is mainly satirical or absurdist and the themes range from existentialism to science fiction or supernatural occurrences.

I hope I managed to include some of your favorite webcomic artists or inspired you to search more comics from a new and interesting one you may have found in this article. If you are also interested in other forms of visual art and want to learn more about the process of creating artworks, I recommend this article.



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