Fall asleep faster? 6 helpful and effective tips


Fall asleep faster? I think we can all agree that lack of sleep dictates someone’s day for the worse. Memory issues, lack of concentration, mood changes, weakened immunity, dizziness, and overall bad performance are just some of the effects of sleep deprivation. But sometimes falling asleep just seems impossible. And nothing seems to take our minds off the everyday life stress. However, I believe in the New Year we should make it more of a priority to fix our sleep schedule and therefore improve our life. So, here are a few tips to help you fall asleep faster.

Less movement:

tips to help you fall asleep faster

When trying to fall asleep, we tend to switch our position a million times to get comfortable. But nothing really seems to satisfy us. And as we keep moving, we drift further and further away from actually falling asleep.

A trick I learned some time ago is to try to move less. Try not to switch your position for about 15 minutes and let your body relax and get comfortable on its own.

Dream reenactment:

Basically, just think about a dream! I’m not sure if this is a well-known method, but one thing I’m sure of – it works.

Whenever I find myself stressing of overthinking something as I’m trying to fall asleep, if I want that thought to go away, I can always switch to dream analysis. It might sound weird, but somehow recreating what you’ve already dreamt of makes a smoother transition into dreamland.

However, find a peaceful dream to think of and picture, as that is the sensation you want to induce in yourself.

Calming smells:

tips to help you fall asleep faster

In the era where most of us use various air fresheners, we can always gen the room we sleep in to smell as we wish. However, I also think pillow sprays are a very efficient solution. Sometimes, what influences us the most is the smell of our bedsheets.

Personally, I believe lavender is the most efficient sleep-inducing smell. But you can use whatever best helps you relax.

ASMR videos:

tips to help you fall asleep faster

Sound is a very particular topic because many people have different opinions when it comes to noise as an efficient way to fall asleep faster. If any noise at all disturbs you, just use earplugs.

But, in the era of ASMR videos, it’s very hard not to find a calming noise that will relax your body and mind. The sounds range from rainstorms, forest noises, to busy streets and even hair brushing. Or just someone calmly and quietly telling you a story. Whatever you’re thinking of, I’m pretty sure you can find that specific ASMR genre. This might be weird at first, but don’t knock it until you try it.


tips to help you fall asleep faster

When One Direction sang “you can’t go to bed without a cup of tea”, they were on to something.

One of the most well-known remedies for insomnia is tea. The warmth, smell, and taste of a cup of brewed beverage can be very soothing.

Some of my personal recommendations are chamomile, valerian root, lavender, and mint. I would also advise adding a slice of lemon and a spoon of honey into your cup.


If all else fails, you can always fall back on dietary supplements.

Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland in the brain which regulates the sleep schedule. The levels of melatonin the brain produces are highest at night because it is stimulated by darkness. So, if you have trouble sleeping, you might have low levels of melatonin in your body.

HOWEVER, as a dietary supplement, it should only be used as a short-term treatment for insomnia. When your body gets back to a normal sleep schedule, you mustn’t use it anymore as it can have many side effects.


So, the most important tips to help you fall asleep faster is just to find the perfect way for you to relax. The stress of everyday life sometimes keeps us up all night, but trust me, a bad sleeping schedule can be very hard to correct. Thus, try not to take a good night’s sleep for granted and use these methods if you need a little push towards dreamland.


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