Eyelash extensions: 3 advantages and disadvantages


Eyelash extensions have recently become the favorite trick of ladies to get a sensual and charming look. Nothing brings more sensuality to a woman’s face than a pair of long, thick, even arched eyelashes. Every look and every blink brings a note of mystery and incredible beauty. Unfortunately, we are rarely born with such genes, so we resort to cosmetics and tricks to lengthen them. Applying eyelash extensions is a cosmetic procedure that is as effective as it is controversial and has both advantages and disadvantages.

Eyelash extensions can correct minor eye defects

If quality products are chosen and consulted by a professional, eyelash extensions can even correct details of the shape of the eyes. I can give the illusion of a raised eyelid and, implicitly, a sad and expressionless look.

They can also cause the eyes to look too far apart, or, on the contrary, to correct the feeling of eyes being too close. All of this actually has an effect on our psyche. Defects make us uncomfortable, and their “repair” gives us more confidence in ourselves, more freedom.

More expressive features, with false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions: 3 advantages and disadvantages

The first advantage when using false eyelashes is the change it brings to the face. If they are applied correctly, at a specialized salon, they will bring to the person in question an extra expressiveness. Especially if the variants of eyelash extensions “in pieces” or those applied thread by thread are chosen.

The procedure requires patience and takes longer, but the results can be remarkable. The higher the quality, the more uncomfortable we will be in activities that involve movement and harsher environmental conditions.

Eyelash extensions help you save time.

Even if you have to go to your eyelash maintenance every two or three weeks, you will save precious time every morning that you would otherwise waste by applying two coats of mascara or even a complete eye make-up. The major advantage of eyelash extensions is that they help you look out of the box without applying any make-up.

It is important to note that an application session for gene extensions takes an average of an hour and a half. But it is a relaxing process, in which you have to do nothing but lie on a comfortable bed, while a specialist makes sure that it outlines your eyes with the most beautiful eyelashes.

The adhesive severely affects the natural eyelashes.

Whether you opt for lashes on the tape, or for bundles or thread-like lashes, the glue used to attach the lashes destroys your natural lashes.

The glue at the root of the eyelashes suffocates the bulb of the eyelashes, which prevents them from growing. Also, the glue applied directly to the natural lashes makes it difficult for them, which leads to their fall.

It can be said that one of the biggest drawbacks of eyelash extensions is the massive drop of natural eyelashes, which can be seen immediately after removing the false eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions can cause allergies or eye irritation.

During the procedure, the glue for attaching the extensions enters the eyes, which leads to a burning and tearing sensation and sometimes even irritation of the eyeball.

Eyelash extensions require special care

Eyelash extensions force you to change your daily beauty routine. In order for them to look flawless from the time of application until the maintenance session, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you will no longer be able to use make-up remover and oil-based make-up products, as the lashes will come off. If you use ink, you will have to get used to removing it with the help of an ear stick, so that the extensions do not fall during the classic make-up removal. Then you need to wash your face carefully, especially the eye area, so as not to damage the appearance of the lashes.

You can forget about rubbing your face with a towel or sleeping on your stomach, with your face immersed in a pillow. You will also need to adjust your ruffled lashes every morning with a clean, dry mascara brush.

Eyelash extensions will radically change your look, they will save you a lot of worries, but at the same time you must be aware that they are not for everyone. Make sure you understand exactly what this change entails so you don’t get disappointed with the outcome. It is also recommended that you seek the help of a specialist to put on eyelash extensions – this way you will reduce the risk of having incorrectly placed extensions.


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