Experts tell coronavirus can spread through talking or even just breathing

coronavirus can spread through talking

A prestigious scientific panel told the White House that their research shows that coronavirus can be spread not just by sneezes or coughs. Coronavirus can spread through talking, or possibly even just breathing.

“While the current [coronavirus] specific research is limited, the results of available studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing,” according to a letter, written by Dr. Harvey Fineberg. He said that he will start wearing a mask when he goes to the grocery store. He also said that he won’t wear a surgical mask, because clinicians need it and that he has other options.

The idea of recommending broad use of masks in the US to prevent the spread of coronavirus is under “very active discussion” by the group. Said, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force.

The virus can be spread from person to person when people are within about 6 feet of each other. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fineberg told CNN that this is true. But the research shows that aerosolized droplets produced by talking or possibly even by just breathing can also spread the virus.

He explains that research at a hospital in China shows the virus can be suspended in the air . Especially when the doctors and nurses remove their protective gear. He added that coronavirus is not as infectious as measles or tuberculosis. He also said that how long coronavirus lingers in the air depends on several factors.

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