Everything you need to know about family therapy


Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that brings family members together to solve the problems they have in common.

The family is the core of society and is the basis of emotional balance in the life of every person. Misunderstandings in the family are common and the common cause is the lack of communication between members. Family therapy is a new trend in recent years. The number of people resorting to family therapy is growing. Counselors or psychotherapists have begun to be in high demand. That is because today’s society is undergoing extreme changes. Family therapy, also called “family psychotherapy“, is a branch of psychotherapy that addresses the concept of family and couple. The concept appeared in the years 1950 – 1960 and experienced a remarkable development between the years 1970 -1980.

In what situations do we resort to family therapy?

Family therapy is addressed to all members of the family. It involves the couple’s partners, but also their children and, possibly, may involve other members of the extended family.

The difficulties considered in this type of therapy relate to:

-Poor communication between family members

-Misunderstandings between parents and children

-Separation of parents, divorce

-Periods of crisis: serious illness of a family member, addiction to substances

-Any other difficulties that affect more than one family member

-When something has intervened in your family that affects your life, it is good to act urgently in order not to let things degenerate.

What is the role of the psychologist in family therapy?

The psychologist involved in family therapy sessions tries to identify the causes of problems with family members. He is looking for effective solutions to overcome moments of crisis.

In family therapy, the therapist:

-provides answers to questions that family members have about their beliefs

-gives advice

-contributes to the understanding of the situations that led to the current toxic relationship

-provides clear strategies to resolve each conflict

How long does the therapy last?

One of the most important challenges is for each family member to change their own opinions and responses to the other member’s behavior. Other challenges are the revelation of quite significant or shameful events for a family member. Also, the openness to sincere and honest communication. Not all families can reveal their feelings and experiences from the very beginning. In this case, it is necessary for the therapy to last a longer period of time.

The whole therapeutic process is completed when the therapist considers that each member of the family has understood the key stages of change. Most of the time in practice, the need for a number of 10-15 sessions for psychotherapy has been demonstrated. Although there is a possibility that their number will be higher and even non-standardized.

The advantages of family therapy

The main advantages of family therapy are:

-solving behavior problems. It sometimes happens that the problems completely take over the emotional state of the person. They choose isolation as a solution to resolve conflicts.

-the chance for a new beginning. Family therapy provides support, help and guidance from the very beginning. The purpose is to renew the connection between family members in order to improve communication and express feelings in a sincere and honest manner.

-strengthening the relationship and mutual understanding. A harmonious family has a balanced way of life. This is possible due to the desire of everyone to open up and take on a role in the family.

-developing a new way of thinking about conflict resolution

-family therapy provides a solution to the conflict in a calm and decent manner.

Recourse to a psychotherapist is not a sign of weakness or incapacity. It is a need to resolve certain situations, to better understand the causes of anxiety. It helps you speak openly and without prejudice about their own fears or unfulfilled aspirations in family life.


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