Everything about semi-precious stones and their properties (part 2)


I’m back with part 2 of “Semi-precious stones and their properties”. In this series, I talk about well-known or not-so-well-known stones and how to use them in your benefit. If you haven’t read part 1, I highly suggest that you do so.


The colours vary from a deep green to an olivey-green or even yellow. It is a gemstone that’s been loved since ancient times. Our ancestors believed that it brings good sleep and solves health-related issues. But it was also named “the money stone”. Similar to citrine, peridot brings earnings and wisdom in the financial domain, including the spending of money.


Malachite is coloured in variations of green.
Its history goes back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, to the Roman Empire. Back then, almost as today, it has been used for jewellery but it also was a common technique to crush it up for eyeshadow or for pigments (as the ones for paint).

Named “the stone of transformation“, Malachite is an energy amplifier, whether that be good or bad energies. It brings up true intentions and feelings to the surface. It is also said to control what we embrace and what we repel.


If you have been attentive to the beauty community in the past few months, you may have observed how jade has gained popularity. Mostly because of the well-known jade rollers. The reason why these use jade is that it is really good at releasing tension from the face muscles.
Like Malachite, Jade usually is green.
It is wonderful for attracting love, friendship, good luck, and purity.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli varies from blue to purple. It’s been used for a long time now: crushed up for make-up and pigments or for jewellery and decoration.
The Sumerians and Egyptians believed it was the stone of the gods.
Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty, dignity, and integrity.


Garnet is known to be a red semi-precious stone. Actually, its colours are diverse: from green, orange, red, to even blue (blue garnet is rare, though).
Garnet is the stone of cleansing, purifying, and revitalising all chakras. It also inspires devotion and passion.


Topaz or “the Saxon diamond“, is found in a variety of colours: orange, pink, blue, clear.
This stone keeps premature death away, controls insomnia and greed.


It is said that Moonstone is a stone even as old as the Moon itself. Moonstone channels sensitivity, hope, abundance, femininity, intuition. It’s protective for travelling, childbirth, it detoxes the digestive system.
Moonstone can be found in yellow, clear, pink, green, blue (these, once again, are rare), gray, brown.

These are my most favourite semi-precious stones. I recommend that you do your research before deciding which one is for you.
Whether you choose to keep a semi-precious stone on your bedside, or wear it in jewellery, having one close to you at times definitely is a great idea!


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