Everything about semi-precious stones and their properties (part 1)


Whoever said semi-precious stones were only for witchcraft was so, sooo wrong. They can actually help you get rid of stress, be your best at all times, achieve whatever you want, and so forth.

I feel like they have been getting slept on for a long time now. And so, I made a list of my most favourite semi-precious stones and their properties.

The inspiration

I first got into semi-precious stones when I was around the age of thirteen while watching Stargirl the Practical Witch on YouTube. She does lots of tarot and horoscope videos but also shorter clips about the use of crystals and semi-precious stones, scented candles, essential oils.

She also talks a lot about things that may seem on the more strange side to you, such as soulmates, twin flames, psychic abilities, harmless spells, or the Law of Attraction and how you can use these in your benefit.
If you, too, are into spirituality I suggest checking out her YouTube channel. She really helped me find my place in the world, my purpose.

Here are the best semi-precious stones you could own and how to use them:


On the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, this mineral is at a 7. There are so many types of quartz out there: amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, milk quartz, agate etcetera.
For example, citrine stimulates the brain, enhances creativity, and makes it easier for you to express yourself. It can relieve you of negative thoughts and energy or even of some types of physical pain such as backaches. This particular type of quartz attracts wealth and good luck, protects you from nightmares. It also is a physical detoxifier.

This stone can give you so many benefits. But overall, all types of quartz have healing and energy-regulating properties.


Aspect-wise, opal is really similar to some quartz varieties. Opal radiates freedom, consciousness, originality, creativity. It may also provoke psychic visions.
Opal will be great for you if you have anger-management issues or seem to be unaware of your own self.


By being a volcanic rock, obsidian has the ability to directly communicate with the Earth or any other raw elements. It is really powerful metaphysically. Obsidian is said to block-away all the lies and negative energies, thus being truth-enhancing.

As with the other stones, there are many types of obsidian. Depending on its type of formation, it can be: gold sheen obsidian, black obsidian, pumpkin obsidian, rainbow obsidian, mahogany obsidian, and so forth.

Fun fact! Rainbow obsidian is formed when lava cools itself at different paces, thus all the colours it has.

I hope this helped you realise that stones aren’t just inanimate objects. In fact, they could be your best friends, your allies:)
Stay tuned for part 2!


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