Every dream can come true if you’ve got NERVE

Every dream can come true
Every dream can come true

Our passions are the ones that represent us best and the ones that, eventually, will lead us on the right path.

Each one of us has at least one talent and high potential, but what makes us different is the way we make the most of what we were given.

However, being born with a gift is not enough, we need to improve and perfect our talent. Every dream can come true if you’ve got NERVE and you work for it.

Every dream can come true
There’s me, living my dream.

Competition is unavoidable and, in some ways, beneficial.

But what you need to remember is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to doing something only for the sake of being better than others. For starters, you need to take a step forward every day. You need to become a better version of yourself, improve and evolve as a person.

But how do you do that? Well, keep reading, we got the answer!

You need to trust yourself and be confident in what you do, you need to pour your soul and your ration you got in the achievement of your goals. Is it simple? No, of course not, but it is also not impossible and it all depends on how deep is your desire to succeed.

Always try to learn from those better than you. Find them, talk to them, ask for advice and learn from their mistakes, but also from yours.

every dream can come true if you've got NERVE

Don’t let any experience pass by you without taking advantage and learning something from it. Don’t let your failures become barriers and remember that your mistakes don’t define you. What matters the most is how you handle the situation and what you do next, because only the present has power over you. 

Still, the best advice I can give you is yet to come. Never, but never, do not let yourself be influenced by others! Personally, I’ve had a lot to work on this one.

I’ve always liked singing, writing and getting my opinions out there, but I can’t remember a moment when I wasn’t criticized for it. I’ve been laughed at and almost convinced to give up on my passions, on the activities that made me shine a little brighter. It was truly difficult to overcome the judgment and the moments when I was made fun of, instead of being appreciated for my efforts and talents.

every dream can come true

Later on, I realized that it was never me, it was them.

It didn’t matter how good I was at something, they’d always have a negative comment for me and always try to cancel me as a person. Unfortunately, that is how society works.

The ones who work hard to become better versions of themselves will be looked at with envy and contempt.

What did I do? At some point, I just stopped caring and carried on with what I was doing before and the results spoke for themselves.

What matters the most is to truly believe in yourself and in what you do.

Only then will you be able to leave behind the people who don’t want you to succeed and follow your dreams. It takes courage to be yourself. It takes courage to make yourself seen and heard through your qualities. How do you get that courage? By risking.

Take the risk of seeming absurd. Take the risk of making a fool of yourself. But, no matter what happens, have unconditional faith in yourself and you’ll see yourself rising.

Andreea Cordos - every dream can come true
I hope you’ll work on yourself, and be a better YOU tomorrow.

Author: Andreea Cordos



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