Powerful emotions – 5 tips to easily manage them


Emotions are the first signals generated by your body and mind, when you need to pay attention to something in your life. Having control of your emotions means that it is in your power to approach any situation rationally. Catch negative emotions, from their source, and use their energy as motivation for your actions.

How do we become aware of our emotions?


It is possible to believe, like most people, that if you ignore, for example, painful emotions, then you will have positive emotions and positivity in general in your life. But it’s not like that at all.

Your emotions make their presence felt for a reason. They indicate an increase in the level of energy in your body, to deal with situations such as: your partner’s anger, failure or perhaps a disapproval from your boss.

If you are not aware of their presence, your emotions will intensify to the level where they will force you to pay due attention to them. When you experience a negative emotion, stop and ask yourself why you came to feel it. If you don’t do that, then let’s learn how to work with emotions.

Breathe alternately on each nostril

Powerful emotions - 5 tips to easily manage them

It is a simple, extremely effective trick that helps you get rid of stress quickly. You can do it anytime, anywhere, without fear.

Start by closing your right nostril (with the help of a finger) and inhale through your left. Then I close my left nostril and exhale completely through my right. Inhale deeply through the right nostril and exhale completely through the left, closing the right and releasing the left. Inhale deeply through the left and repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.

Ground yourself


No matter how aware you are of your emotions, some will strike you like lightning. These emotions are subconscious. They are deeper and stronger, they hit you like a wave and even if you become aware of what you feel, it will put you down. The solution in such situations is to ground yourself.

There is a quick grounding technique that you can do anywhere and it is called “From 5 to 1”. All you have to do is look around you and find 5 things you can see and name in your mind. Then find 4 things you can touch and get your hands on them. Find 3 sounds you can hear and focus your hearing on them. To find 2 things you can smell and do and, finally, to find a food that you can taste and fully enjoy the sensation.

Talk to the third person


The next time you are thrown into an emotional whirlwind, start talking about yourself in the third person. This trick allows your consciousness to perceive the situation as if it were someone else and the intensity of emotions decreases.

By doing this, you distance yourself from your emotional being. Thus, your emotions will no longer affect you when you have to make an important decision.

Use the words to feel good


Words are full of power and you can use them as a tool to change your emotional state. When we are on the ground, it is important to use words that will improve or even transform our situation. For example, if you feel disappointed you can choose to say to yourself: “I will try again and this time I will succeed!”. This statement will fill you with strength and motivation.

Wait two seconds before reacting


It’s amazing what a difference two seconds can make when we’re upset. Every time we respond for a moment, under the impulse of emotions, we use harsh and mean words. But if you wait at least two seconds before giving the reply, it is much more likely to be more rational and to respond in a pleasant manner. This way you avoid hurting others and obviously hurting yourself.


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