Emotions – 4 tips and tricks on how to control your emotions


Do emotions take the control of your life? We have all gone through difficult times that have taken a toll on our lives. I’m talking about situations which are so hard to bear that you start to lose your temper and you behave furiously because you’re being controlled by anger, without thinking of the consequences. I consider those moments to be truly important in our life. Because they test you to see how much control you have over your mind.

Emotional control, among other aspects of life, is truly important for a healthy individual and it can be helpful for your relationship with your family and also close friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that the control of emotions is a cakewalk. Even I am working on it, and it seems to be a longer journey than I thought. What I want to discuss in today’s article are some helpful tips that can help you take control of your feelings. After all, I believe that we shouldn’t let negative emotions control our life.

Take a deep breath

Emotions - 4 tips and tricks on how to control your emotions

This is the easiest, most common thing you can do in a tense situation. Just close your eyes, inhale and hold it in for a quick second then, just let it all out. It can help you pull yourself together during a tense situation and it can help clear your train of thought.

A study conducted by a high number of scientists from various departments and faculties (for example Department of Sciences of Formation from the University of Catania; Faculty of Human and Social Sciences from the University “Kore” of Enna etc.) shows how deep breathing can influence in a good way. The study was carried with the help of two groups of adults. One of the groups underwent weekly sessions of deep breathing while the other didn’t. Their state of mind, stress and heart rate were evaluated. In the end, it came out that deep breathing is capable of inducing an effective improvement in those areas.

Keep track of your emotions

Emotions - 4 tips and tricks on how to control your emotions

Write down your emotions just like you write down what happened recently in your journal. It is good to keep a record of your sentiments because it can help you identify and remember what triggers each one of them. This is most important in the case of the emotions that are the hardest to control. Your “emotional” journal gives you more time to reflect on yourself and so you can find out if your mental responses to those tense situations were the right thing to do.

Let your thoughts roam through another meadow

Emotions - 4 tips and tricks on how to control your emotions

If your feelings are taking a heavy toll on your mind, do your best to stop thinking about them. If you constantly keep worrying, you’re just going to unnecessarily waste your energy. Why not put into something more fun that may raise your spirits? For example, go and spend time with your friends. You never know what could happen. People often gain energy from one another. Maybe through this exchange, you could find the change in your mood that you so desire.

Look for a therapist

Emotions - 4 tips and tricks on how to control your emotions

If none of these tips seems to work, you’ll have to look for the right professional to talk to, that is, the therapist. With the professional support of the right person, you can find what underlies your strong feelings. The hardest part of all this could be the sharing of your emotions. It may seem uncomfortable at first to explain your feelings to a person that you just met. I can assure you that with time it will get easier and easier. The first step may be the hardest, but it is the one that determines whether you will take control of your life or just fall into an endless spiral of turmoil.


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