Emotional intelligence had always been extremely important for people’s evolution, since feelings and emotions are some of the strongest forces, that only a few people from our generation can control. If we can’t be in charge of them, we become irrational and capable of hurting people we actually care about, because emotions are the ones that make us want to take action in our daily activities.

emotional intelligence

Misleading news and emotional intelligence

Since the Z generation was born by the same time as the internet or social media, those people learned very quickly to live with it and, somehow, they started to grow and evolve together. As we speak, people from the Z generation have more access to information than any other generation and this thing might not always be the best for them, because being exposed to much misleading news could modify their emotional intelligence.

The generational gap in emotional intelligence

When talking about the Z generation, we immediately think about young people who are trying to make a change in the world, because they were, from the beginning, digital natives, living in multiple realities. In other words, we might say that the internet was this generation’s closest friend, the fact that created a generational gap in emotional intelligence because our parents and grandparents were used to deal with their own feelings and interpersonal relationships in a whole different manner.

The problems in managing feelings

While everything around them happens to be in a permanent change, there is one more important thing that is, as well, changing so much faster than we will ever believe. It is their ability to understand and manage their feelings, thing that might be standing in z generationtheir way towards fulfilling what they have planned and hoped for in their future. They could use all the sources of providing information to learn how to overcome challenges and communicate effectively, but instead, all those platforms are turned into weapons that are creating conflicts and unnecessary online hate.

Facing those situations, young people might start overthinking and becoming afraid of things that are not actually real, but only created by their confused minds. Not only that they aren’t improving their emotional intelligence, but unfortunately, in this way, the entire generation will be represented, in the near future, by people afraid to take risks or initiative, because they are too busy being intent on failure since there was nobody to tell them that failure is not the end of their future.

Even though during decades culture, habits and traditions have changed from one generation to another, the way people show their emotions in different circumstances has been suffering the most visible changes because for some time we started to show more and more interest in human interaction.

However, the fact that should be remembered no matter what is that today’s young people differ from yesterday’s. So, with every generation that passes, we should all be more and more concerned about learning how to improve our emotional intelligence and not about trying our best to become loners in a world full of other human beings.


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