Emotional burnout: 4 big signs you should not ignore

emotional burnout

Emotional burnout could be described as a kind of chronic exhaustion that won’t go away even with rest. It’s closely tied to lifestyle factors, such as work, school, or relationships, and it can manifest itself not only on an emotional or behavioral level but even on a physical level. We all experience stress and tiredness from time to time, but if you’ve been feeling too drained to function for weeks or even months, you might be suffering from emotional burnout.

So which are some of the biggest signs of emotional burnout?

Isolating yourself from others

When you are constantly exhausted, engaging with other people can feel like a chore. Social interaction inspires overwhelm and even dread, rather than excitement. But even though you may feel short-term satisfaction from staying in your own bubble, isolation can have an awful effect on your mental health in the long run.


As we all know, being in a state of constant stress will make you more prone to losing control of your emotions. You might find yourself lashing out at coworkers, family, friends or your partner, and over time that can have a negative impact on your life, and might make you isolate yourself even further. When problems in our lives keep piling up and put pressure on us, it can be all too easy to give in to unnecessary anger.

Proneness to escapism

Deep dissatisfaction with your life may make you may spend large amounts of time immersed in an imaginary world where everything is perfect. In more extreme cases, this tendency can manifest through excessive consumption of food, alcohol, or other substances as a source of comfort. Over time, numbing your emotions in this way can make emotional burnout worse and worse.

Physical fatigue

Simply put, emotional burnout makes you feel tired all the time. In this state, you might struggle to perform basic tasks and you might find yourself spending much more time in bed than you’d like – that being said if you’re experiencing fatigue, you should consult a doctor to rule out any medical conditions.

If you recognize yourself in this list, fear not. You don’t have to live with emotional burnout, as there are ways in which you can deal with it, and people who would be glad to help you.


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