4 Efficient Substitutes to Going to the Gym


Let’s be honest: most of us think working out to be efficient, and we don’t dislike it, but would rather not get dressed up to go sweat in front of strangers. But staying at home often makes us less productive. However, working out is very important for your body and mind. Every-day life can be very stressful, and a lot of that can be released through physical effort. Here are some efficient substitutes to going to the gym that you might find useful!


  • Home workouts

efficient substitutes to going to the gym

This one’s probably the most obvious alternative you have to go to the gym.

However, what I suggest, and what has worked for me is workout routines you can find on YouTube. That way you can follow someone’s lead if you’re not sure how to start or what to incorporate in your routine. Moreover, you can follow workouts meant for a specific area you’re interested in toning, and you can read the viewers’ opinions on whether the workout is efficient or not. It’s kind of like having your own personal trainer. But for free.

One thing I found very efficient is muting the person’s audio and putting your own favourite music in the background. As we all know, nothing gets us more hyped than the music we really like.

  • Going for a walk

efficient substitutes to going to the gym

I know most of us have an app on our phone that traces how many steps we make every day. And sometimes that number seems almost comically yet terrifyingly low.  But one of the most relaxing ways you can get your workout for the day in is simply going for a walk.

Since most of us work or attend school from home these days, we almost never walk anywhere anymore.  However, putting a conscious effort into taking a breath of fresh air and walking around for a bit every day really pays off as it is a very efficient form of exercise. You might also want to try getting somewhere on foot instead of driving of taking a bus. Not only is it better for you, but it can easily become an adventure and you get to discover many hidden gems along the way.


  • Going for a run

Woman Running On Pathway

If going for a walk just seems like a normal task, going for a run is a bit more challenging. However, the results of this exercise will come quickly and will be more obvious. Although running in public can be pretty anxiety-inducing, parks or empty stadiums are usually filled with runners. In that way, you won’t feel like the odd one out anymore, and you can enjoy your workout.

One thing I believe is important for this task is appropriate clothing and a pair of headphones. Comfortable clothing makes all the difference and, as in the first case, your favourite music is your biggest hype man sometimes.


  • Biking

efficient substitutes to going to the gym

Bike rides are hands-down my favourite form of exercise! You can always rent a bike, but I suggest buying one as I guarantee you will immediately become addicted to it. Which is honestly the best part.

Not only is biking a very efficient form of exercise, but it is incredibly fun. Exploring has never been easier. It’s just one of those activities where you don’t feel how fast the time passes and how much ground you’ve covered in your journey.

This is definitely the type of workout even someone who doesn’t like exercise will enjoy very much.

Of course, there are many efficient substitutes to going to the gym, but I believe these are the easiest and most accessible ones. But remember, what you eat is just as important! So, make sure that you have a healthy diet to go along with your workout plan.


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