Education : 3 reasons why it is very important


We can all agree that education is the root for both the blessings and the misfortunes in a country or a person’s existence. Education makes the difference between people who are empathetic and informed, prepared to help and understand and those who are envious and rude, unwilling to offer help and support social development.

Education starts in the family

I know this is somehow redundant, but it’s very important what type of education a kid has received from the parents – and I know parents are doing the best they can, but sometimes the parents themselves haven’t been thoroughly educated, hence they can’t educate their children. Here is where formal education – the institutionalized one – steps in and supports both the children and their families. There must be a balance between the education a kid gets in the family and the education he or she gets at school.

The gaps must be filled

I know sometimes there are emotional gaps that cannot be filled. But, for instance, if the families can’t teach their kids about sexual education, it’s totally fine for the institutional system to cover that hole! Naturally, it won’t supply for the emotional presence of a family talk, but it will provide the kids with even more information.

Naturally, this doesn’t only apply to sex education. The need for formal education comes from various reasons, especially the one mentioned previously. Everyone deserves to have equal chances when it comes to education, that is why society doesn’t rely on the education a kid gets in the family. Of course, emotional education can only be received from one’s parents, but since we as humans are struggling to create a more balanced environment for our children, we have to rely on formal education to do so. Namely, kids who are poor or raised in uneducated families have the same rights to be properly educated, just like the presidents’ children!

Education desperately needs empathy

So I know we tend to emphasize the need for practicality, especially nowadays when capitalism is the leading doctrine of humanity. But empathy is nonetheless one of the central human features. Teaching kids to be empathetic can make the difference between aggressive and individualistic adults and kind and helpful ones. This is highly important for nowadays society when we try to heal so many wounds inherited from the previous generations. Only imagine how great it would be to encounter people that don’t judge in the first place, but take their time to understand both sides of an issue and only after that express their opinion – this is, evidently, kindness and understanding of others.

What I’m trying to say in this article is that empathy is, in fact, the most important element of education, and it is, unfortunately, underestimated. It is crucial to insert empathy in both formal and informal education and support children in becoming sensitive and empathetic adults who don’t judge but seize upon the issues and try to find proper solutions.

Needless to mention that the educational system is tightly linked to the economic one, so the potential changes in terms of education are dependent on financial investments and so on. But before we rely on that, we can change different aspects together. We can be more empathetic and kind, we can start treating education as one of the solutions to improve life on earth – which undoubtedly it is!

What do you think about the educational system? What are your insights about that? What changes would you like to make?


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