Educate your little monsters before sending them to school!


For the parents and students of our day,

During the last period of time, there had been so much going on about the famous “heroic entry” of the Minstry of Education during the course times of a first grade class. There, she discovered “the 7 headed dragon” . And it was blowing fire to our poor kids that are otherwise innocent. After that, the heroic act had been strongly publicized, resulting in a variety of reactions. But there is one thing that nobody said: “Educate your little monsters before you criticize!”

Now, that the waters have calmed, I thought about transposing opinion about that kind of situation, in general.

I will not go into detail about the mistakes made by the Ministry of Education. I will let you  discover them on your own in the 272. Art. from the Education Law. I don’t want to condemn her actions, that’s not what I want to talk about.

I saw multiple reactions which were like arrows aimed at the teachers who raise their tone in front of the students. Well, I invite you to put yourselves in the posture of an educator for a day. It looks like a piece of cake, isn’t it? I don’t think that you would be able to stay at least daily 4 hours in front of a group of students of which 30 to 40 percent are acting like little monsters.

A lot has been said about the teachers shouldn’t raise their voice to the students.

Show me a professor who never raised his voice at a class. I think nobody. That means all of the teachers are incapable? NO! The teachers are humans as well, they have bad days too, but most of the times the teachers attitude are based on students actions. So, dear parents, educate your kids before you starting comment the teachers behavior!

Many of you either do not know what you are growing up, or you even feel like you just made that child, you give him food for a while, and after he is grows to 2-3 years old, you give him to kindergarten/school to educate him. I want to announce that it’s your duty to educate your child. It’s not the duty of the teacher to learn your childrens what respect, to behave civilized. The teacher should learn them things like grammar, mathematics, history, geography and what is studied in the respective classes.

I know that for many of you it’s easier to simply give your children a phone or a tablet, instead of dealing with them. Or worse,you give them everything, leaving the impression that they are entitled to everything. But, dear, don’t be surprised by the little monsters with behavioral problems which result from these actions. Moreover, do not expect a teacher to do what you failed to achieve in so many years with your own child.

When a teacher raises their voice to your child, just think for first if the problem comes because of your kid and in the same time, because of you.

A teacher is the engine of the lesson. He must lead the class, not the class must lead him.Just imagine a single hour in the “child’s law” looks like. Teachers have to impose themselves in one way or other, otherwise it’s very difficult to educate “little monsters” like this. As patient and benevolent one can be, in a such a context you are left with no other option.

I don’t say that is good or normal that the teachers raise theier tone at their  students.

I say that the teachers shouldn’t be criticized so harshly. Dear, you can’t handle a kid half a day, while a teachers must handle 20-30 kids for 4 to 5 hours or even more. What are your pretenses from a poor teacher when you are giving him generations of uneducated kids?

Believe me, none of the wealthy teachers want to yell at your kids.

That’s simply not their purpose, but some of your offspring can’t understand otherwise. And I think that the cause of this is the lacking education, otherwise I can’t logically explain this to myself.

Probably we should live like in the last decades when the punishments for uneducated students are really worthy of comment.

“We are in the 2020 year, It can’t be like that in 2020” Yes, we are in 2020, when it’s looks like the students must be higher ranked than the teacher, and a kid can mop the floor with him. Sad, yes?

Well, I give you an advise to think twice before you comment teacher’s behavior and make sure that you have an educated kid the teacher mustn’t be put in situations to raise their voices. And keep that in your mind: Educate your little monster before you comment!

A future teacher who will probably raise their voice even once at the class if you give him that kind of generations anymore. So… Educate your little monsters before sending them to school!

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