Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the best travel destinations

Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the best travel destinations

Did you hear about Edinburgh? There are many travel destinations – serene islands, busy cities, peaceful villages – eager to please even the most pretentious hearts. However, there are numerous aspects that we need to consider before traveling to a place: climate, population, traditions, etc.

Friendly people

Firstly, Scotland is one of the travel destinations that make a good impression on visitors. In fact, a study pursued in 2017 by the publishing company Rough Guides asked the public about their time in Scotland. As a result, people voted Scotland one of the most welcoming countries. This is definitely due to the attitude of the locals towards newcomers, which is very warm and friendly.

Moreover, another report by the hospitality company Travelodge in 2018 declared Edinburgh Scotland’s friendliest city. It showed that, in Edinburgh, 55% of people perform an act of kindness once a day. For instance, it might be helping an elder person with their bags, holding the door for a colleague at work, or giving directions to a tourist.

Low Crime Rate

Furthermore, the goodwill of Scottish people is clearly the reason for Edinburgh’s low crime rate. A survey conducted by Post Office Travel Insurance in 2015 stated that Edinburgh is the third safest city in the entire world. It has shown that the city presents only 3% risks of crimes.

Consequently, one can walk alone on the streets of Edinburgh, both at night and daytime. There is no worrying about attacks, robberies, or other crimes. Children can play in the parks and walk home from school without any fear. This makes Edinburgh an incredibly safe space for families.

Environment-Friendly Policy

Another aspect that makes life in Edinburgh a beneficial choice is an environment-friendly policy. The city was tenth amongst the most eco-friendly destinations in the world, during research pursued by travel specialists Hayes & Jarvis. Edinburgh offers many opportunities for renting bikes instead of driving, but it also provides people with a well-organized public transport system. However, if one insists on having a personal car, he is encouraged to choose an electric one. If you want to read more about this policy, click here.

Local authorities intend to diminish the pollution, protect the green spaces, recycle as much as possible, and implicitly contribute to a better life. Council Leader Adam McVey states that they aim to “create a more environmentally-friendly future for Edinburgh”. Moreover, even when it comes to food services, Edinburgh offers many vegan options and restaurants are careful not to let products go to waste. Therefore, this environment-friendly policy aims to ensure that people in Edinburgh are living a greener, healthier life.

That being said, the capital of Scotland welcomes people from all around the world and offers them many reasons to stay. Aside from having one of the most beautiful sights, this travel destination welcomes people from all around the world with kindness and invites them to start a new, healthy and pleasant lifestyle there. If you want to see more travel recommendations, check out our other article here.


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