Eager to be in the fashion industry? 2 useful tips

fashion industry

Making a name for yourself in the fashion industry isn’t easy. It is a hard industry to crack. Nowadays, in order to make it into the fashion world, you need to make connections with important people and gain an audience on social media as well. But most importantly, you have to design clothes that will make a person stand out in a crowd. The competition is strong, but as long as you’re talented and have a knack for creating unique and trendy pieces, there is a chance for your creations to get recognized. 

It doesn’t matter if you had a different career path…

One may think that in order to become a successful fashion designer, you require years and years of dedication. But that was not the case for some of today’s greatest fashion designers, like Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and many others.  

Vera Wang is one of the most popular designers in the world, known for her unique wedding dressesSurprisingly, it was at the age of 40 when she designed her first wedding dress. Before becoming acquainted with the fashion industry, Vera Wang was set on making it into the US Olympics team for figure skating, but she failed. After that, she worked as an Editor at Vogue magazine for 15 years. Then, she opened her first bridal boutique in New York.  

Giorgio Armani initially wanted to become a doctor and used to be a student at the University of Medicine in Milan before launching his own label in his 40s. Vivienne Westwood, sometimes called “the mother of punk-rock fashion” used to be a teacher before opening her boutique at the age of 30.

It is never too late  

Their outstanding sense of fashion was what really brought them to the top, even if they had chosen different careers in their lives that had nothing to do with fashion beforeSo, if you’re thinking of delving into the fashion industry and turning your unique ideas into reality, it is never too late, but don’t forget that it isn’t so easy either! 


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