FIFA to severe deal with Electronic Arts

FIFA to severe deal with Electronic Arts

EA`s history with FIFA

Whetherea-sports-to-rename-famous-fifa-franchise you are a player yourself or you have that one friend who changes a controller every other month because they broke it, we all know what FIFA is . It`s that one game that comes out every year with minimal changes and manages to sell millions of copies, well yes but actually no. It actually stands for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” and for those, who like myself have skipped French class, “The International Federation of the Football Association”(for those reading from across the pond we mean soccer bare with us).

But why this confusion? Since Electronic Arts signed a deal with FIFA to license the name and the use of championships, players, and much more the word became synonymous with the popular game franchise. Well, this is about to change, maybe.

On expanding the world of football video-games 

While many people believed at first that EA`s announcement that they are keen on exploring new names for their popular football franchise was due to disagFIFA to severe deal with Electronic Artsreements with the Federation on the price and the terms of the deal, as reported by The New York Times, recent official statements seem to disprove that.

“The outcome will ensure that FIFA has a range of suitable parties with specialist capabilities to actively shape the best possible experiences and offerings for fans and consumers.” Is one of the statements that seem to point out that they are against EA`s monopoly on football games. Fans have pointed out in the past that they believe football games will not properly evolve unless EA loses its monopoly.

EA trademarking new name “EA Sports FC”

At the beginning of the month, EA has filled trademarks with the UK Intellectual Property Office and the EU Intellectual Property Office for the name “EA Sports FC”. This was followed by an official statement on the blog post regarding the release of FIFA 22 where they have stated that “we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games”. In the same post, while they admitted they are reviewing their deal with FIFA, reinforcing the idea that it was all about a difference of demands between the two giants, they reassured fans that they have deals and partnerships with many more football associations.


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