Dude, how long are you going to stay depressed?


Do you think that you have all the time to cry like a depressed potato in your bed? Is this how you “keep going”? Duuude…

Disclaimer: This article may look like motivational bullshit. I’m not a psychologist, nor a speaker with quotes like “sky is the limit” or so. I’m only a human being, just like you. I don’t know how much emotional intelligence I do(n’t) have. What I know is: these thoughts helped me go through a loooot of mental breakdowns. If I help you in a way or another, leave me a comment!

Yes, Tooty Patooty, I know your life has fallen apart since your parents turned off your Wi-Fi router. Of course, Karen, I understand that Marisa’s in Rome with her man, while your holidays take place at the car wash. You are totally supposed to think that you have all the right to be depressed. That’s the WORST attitude!

Let me tell you this: depression doesn’t mean just sadness.

Not every single shitty situation in your life can make you say “My mental health is too bad and I can’t recover”. Then, when someone tells you to see a psychologist, to be like “naaaaaah”.

The Earth isn’t flat and love is not like the stories on Wattpad. That teacher who failed you did it because you are too “saaad” to do your work. Nope, he’s not just jealous. People who don’t like you aren’t just mean. Everything happens for a reason!

Let’s just wake up!

You took a break from life. Now, you’re crying in your bed all day, like a depressive guy with “mental issues”. You’ve listened to ALL the sad music on Earth. Pornhub has no more surprises for you. Also, the shower misses you. You are telling all your friends that you’re busy because none of them understands you. Oh, crap!

Come on, wake up from this hungover! It’s hard, I know. Nope, no more 5 minutes! Take some orange juice and let’s have a chat!

Each human has his problems, maybe even worse than yours. No, this doesn’t mean that your problems are insignificant! As long as you don’t feel fine and you know it, the issue matters, even though I was a sarcastic b*tch.

It’s not cool to have problems, but it’s cool to go over!

Boys have smaller problems. Men have bigger problems. Legends resolve their problems!

Let’s be all some legends! Escape this depressing routine! The first step is to get off of your bed. Then, think about how wonderful yet short your life is. While you were crying, you could have done lots of great things!

Think about a great hobby. Who knows, some years later you could make a living from that. Search something that makes you happy. Sing, dance, draw, read a book or take up a sport! This will help you put those toxic thoughts away!

After doing this, you will realize that something still stinks. That’s actually because you didn’t take a friend with you. Even though you say that you “have no friends”, you know that you are lying. Moreover, you hurt the feelings of those who will ask “And what am I, bro, a chair?” Remember that in life, the option “call a friend” is always to be chosen.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not telling you “just don’t be depressed”!

I just want you to get up and try. I want to see that you replace CRYING with TRYING. Don’t throw away all the people who want you to be happy. And, if things are not going fine anyways, I want you to go see a specialist. This person will surely help you.




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