Don’t hate your teenage years!

Don’t hate your teenage years!

Whoever said that teenage years are the best years was a liar. I can’t state that they are the worst – since I haven’t turned 100 yet – but they are definitely not the best. At least if you’re a girl. However, these years do have something special. First kiss, first boyfriend, first break-up, the “first night”… This period is a period of firsts, it’s normal to think everything will last forever. You don’t know how to cope with the bad and you are blinded by the good.

Writing this article, I was inspired by one Instagram story that I saw at one of my old friends. The story said that

“I never want my 16-year-old daughter to lay in bed and cry her eyes out like I did, and I never want to see my son become the boys I dated.”

Girls! Stop! Suffering a little when you’re young is healthy for the rest of your life! Let’s admit that! All of us girls have cried our eyes out for boys who didn’t give us the attention we wanted. Even the toughest of us (hihi), even our moms and our grandmothers. Just ask them!

Let’s imagine that everything was perfect during your teenage years! That nobody broke your heart, that you didn’t lose friends, that you were never made to feel stupid or useless. That you didn’t hurt at all.

Picture that for a second! Now you’re almost 20, all innocent and pure, thinking that life has no bad parts. You come to college in a different city, your friends go to a different country, your teenage lover doesn’t even want to go to college. What do you do? How do you cope with these things in your 20s?

What have you learned during your teenage years from that happy life? Nothing.

My point is that life is long and anything can happen anytime. There are too many people walking through your life to be able to control what they do. What you can control is how you react to anything that happens to you. And regarding the quote that inspired me to write this,

bottom line is that you should allow your kids to suffer a bit.

Think about this way: I bet your mother wanted the same for you and she gave you tons of advice on how to not suffer. But you still did. And that is because we need our own experiences to learn from. How would you have known to choose the right guy in your 20s if you hadn’t met lots of losers during your teenage years. This is what all teenage is about: finding out what you don’t want, what you don’t like and what you don’t accept. So, love and be grateful for your teenage years and for everything they’ve taught you!


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