Don’t be stupid – or at least not (too) stupid

don't be stupid
don't be stupid

Some of us wake up early in the morning. Others forget reality isn’t a dream and waking up comes with responsibilities.
To be stupid from birth is just bad luck. I never understood why we tend to make fun of people’s incapacity to understand some things. We don’t realize it’s not their fault and that every one of us is born with an actual capacity that’s given to us by the heavens. We, as individuals, have the right to fructify this potential just the way we want it, and just as much as we can. But the question is… If you don’t have something to fructify… then why the heck do you choose to become a joke for the ones surrounding you? Don’t be stupid… or at least not (too) stupid.

This is the first category of people, but there’s one much more interesting than this, which doesn’t require our attention so often – the people who are not stupid, but they voluntarily become like that.

They are not part of an unsuccessful experiment, but the result of society and the result of their easily impressionable character.

You’re talking to someone, it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you have with them. And, suddenly, you start to realize the way that person thinks, you’re developing an opinion about them after a short period of time. Maybe you’re thinking that the one in front of your eyes is a really nice human being and you can easily talk to them about anything. But, then, you see them surrounded by a strange and large group of people and you assist in their change of character: they speak too loud, use uncomfortable words, spit out of nowhere on the street and are listening to music outside, without headphones.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Yes, the human being that was so nice just a few minutes ago turned out to be an asshole, out of the blue. Why? Because they ended up in a gang of morons and now they feel the need to impress others. How can you impress if not by becoming like them?

So, we’re finally here. How do you manage to become stupid? You may think it is easy, but it is more complicated than it seems. I’m going to present to you a little guide based on the things I’ve observed up until now.

Basically, if you’re a decent human being with some principles, you have to forget them, or, at least, ignore them.

The first step is to talk as loud as you can when you’re outside, in public, surrounded by people. But that shouldn’t be a problem, because you’re already the center of the Universe. Actually, you don’t have to speak out loud, you have to scream from the bottom of your heart. Eventually, you can scream and detail about the things you’d do to your friend’s mother – I’m not going to say what that means, you already know. How can you impress and get attention if not by being as loud as a newborn?

Besides your friends, or, besides those entities you choose to spend the most precious time of your life, you can’t confess that you had read a book or anything else besides the subtitles from a movie.

Oh, my bad, the movies those people usually watch don’t really need subtitles.

You can’t admit they’re any superior in their music tastes either. And, the most important thing, you can’t confess that you’re studying at home, or that you’re doing any schoolwork. I can’t imagine what reactions you’d receive if you’d dare say any of those things. And it’s not over yet, alcohol and tobacco are a must, and let’s not mention about relationships, you’re a loser if you’re not getting a new partner once a week.

Don’t forget to talk with superiority to some people that, perhaps, are much more remarkable than you are. Feel superior, even though you did nothing special, but just because that’s what you want. So, behave like a person that has no brain at all nor principles. And, don’t forget, dress like you’re going to the Oscars, get some expensive clothes and you’re all set. Don’t forget to buy anything that’s useless and show it off to everybody.

Aaaaand, you’re done! Now, if you followed all those simple steps, you can already consider yourself stupid in the eyes of society.

And, by the way, your group of friends doesn’t really want the best for you, because they don’t really know what good means.

What’s really unbelievable is the fact that when creating such a group of idiots, one person is enough, that’s all you need. It’s a shame that especially in high school, people are so easily influenced. The desire to be part of a group and to be accepted just as you are is destroying their identity. A new person is born, and the presence of the old self is merely a haunting memory. And if a human hides behind the mask for too long, in that clown costume, maybe they’ll start believing that’s what they really are, a joke, a really bad joke.

Or, best-case scenario, if that person will escape the curse of stupidity, they’re going to regret all those wasted years. Of course, there are going to be some funny memories and they’re going to laugh about how stupid they were. But wasted time is still wasted. A time that could be used for some useful activities and for becoming a better person.

This is all about how strong and how easily we can be influenced. If we have to look after something in this life, it’s ourselves. We have to take care of our minds. We shouldn’t let ourselves down.

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