Don’t be scared of the noise of a new city


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of moving to a new city? Well, let me guide you through my story about being scared surrounded by the noise of the city and how I found my peace.

I think everybody has heard how hard it is to start over in a new city. You drift away from your parents and leave behind the places where you grew up. But it is a totally different feeling to experience it yourself. The scariest part is that you think you are alone, but shouldn’t we be ourselves the ones we need to be the closest to?

How did I survive my first year in Bucharest?

For me, Bucharest is now a state of mind, I am no longer scared of the noise of this city where I moved to study. There’s something new to discover everyday, a new story to tell, a place to dream with your eyes wide open while wandering the streets. After a little bit of struggle, a nasty story about my first roommate, I created myself a space I can call home. It is indeed a loud place, but it challenges you to observe. You can find what you need in a variety of opportunities, try new things and rediscover yourself. It invites you to fall in love not only with the city, but also with yourself.

Things you can do to find your balance in a new city.

Focus on what you have to do and don’t get lost in the process AKA don’t let yourself be distracted. You can find new people that inspire you and you’d better keep them close.
Try to find the moral in every bad story that you experience and don’t give up. There will be obstacles, let’s face it, nobody said it was going to be easy!
Don’t be too harsh on yourself! It won’t bring you any benefit to be scared of the noise that is this city. Take a moment from time to time to let everything sink in and don’t forget to set up your goals.
And the most important thing: make the best out of it! Have fun and rediscover yourself as much as possible!



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