Does my cat love me? 6 signs to look for

Does my cat love me? 6 signs to look for

“Does my cat love me?” is a question that many cat owners have, including me. Sometimes we expect to receive back some affection from our meowing friends. But, unlike dogs, these mysterious felines have a weird and subtle way of showing their affection towards humans. Cats are often described as distant and independent animals. But that’s not always the case, as long as you are willing to understand them and their needs. However, even if your cat may be more or less obvious in showing her love, there are a few signs you can look up for.

Eye contact 

Cats are small carnivorous animals and for most carnivores, eye contact is supposed to be threatening. Of course, when it comes to your pet, that’s another story. If a cat looks in your eye and blinks slowly, that’s a sign of love. Some people like to call it a “cat kiss”.

“Love bites” vs aggressive bites

Do you know that moment when you reach your hand out to pet your cat, but then she immediately turns her head and bites you, making you wonder why she did that? This is known to be one of the most common problems in cats’ behavior. But it is also a way cats show their love for humans. Also, it is important to make the difference between a “love bite” and an aggressive bite. Usually, the first one is a gentle bite and won’t break your skin. Sometimes, the cat will also end up licking you. Even if most of the cat owners dislike being bitten, don’t react badly, try distracting its attention with something else. 

However, you’ll know if your cat will bite you aggressively. To avoid that, you must pay attention to its body language (for example, ears down to the side of the head, back and tail hair going up, dilated pupils, twitching tail, hissing, and tense body posture).


Cats spend a big part of their day cleaning themselves by licking their fur. It may not always be easy to let your cat lick you since its small tongue feels like sandpaper on your skin. But, if your cat does that, you should always take it as a good sign. One of the main reasons why she does that is to show her affection and say “you’re a member of my family now” and “you’re mine”. Mother cats lick their kittens for the same reason. To make it an even more pleasant experience, when a cat licks you is the same thing as the moment when you pet her.

Sleeping on you or next to you

Cats are on high alert most of the time and will take action whenever there’s a certain smell or sound. However, while they are sleeping, they become the most vulnerable. So, when the nighttime comes and your furry friend falls asleep on you or close to you, that means your cat loves and trusts you enough to expose itself to you while she is the most vulnerable. 

“Making biscuits”

Kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate the milk flow and some of them keep this behavior for all their life. Cats love to knead on a soft surface such as a blanket, a pillow, or even a person’s body. The reason why a cat would knead on you is to mark her territory by spreading her scent on you. Same as grooming, by kneading you she says “You’re mine / You’re part of my territory” and is also a way of telling you that she is enjoying your company.

Headbutt and cheek rubs

Headbutting, head bunting or cat bunting is a behavior felines use for social bonding. When a cat headbutts you, she will touch her head on you then starts rubbing her cheeks against you. Since cats have scent glands all over their body, some people think that this is only to mark their territories, but in reality, it has a deeper meaning. If a cat head bunts you, it means that she trusts you a lot.

A cat can show different ‘love signs’ towards its owner. If you notice that your cat is showing at least one of these signs, then be sure that she loves you!


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