Do you know what love really means?


When you miss someone too much, do you dream of the day you’ll hold them in your arms and never let them go? And when you hear their name, do you lift your head, like that name belongs to you?… Do you know what love really means?

And have you ever loved someone that much that you haven’t had enough words to say it?

We all have days when we simply don’t want to do anything, we behave weirdly and everyone asks why. The sad part is, we don’t know what to tell them because we don’t even know what’s happening… and we probably never will.

Each of us hides inside them a lot of things that hurt them. They hide them behind a well-defined smile and a pretty believable laugh. The truth is that more of our problems would go away if we started talking to each other, not about each other. But happiness is made by ourselves and we have learned that this is our drama, the teenagers’ drama, running away from happiness.

We sleep at night just to resume our daily routine, even if maybe… this world is not for us.

Some of us wake up missing an absent parent, dreaming of the day we will meet them.

We miss an ex-best friend, maybe an ex-lover, just waiting for the day when one of them would return, would take us in their arms and promise us they would never leave again, even if that day will never come. We pretend that we can pass by every sad moment with no problems, even if we can’t. Some wounds will never heal, we just learn to live with them when we have no choice. Some were born warriors, others became in time.

We make mistakes and love, we fall in love and sometimes we hurt. Do you know what love really means? It means learning from mistakes.

But we have the excuse that we are living for the first time and not everyone was born with the gift of seeing life as an easy thing. Some just fit in this world, others just survive.

We lose our minds in memories and pointless hopes and sometimes we hope that all of this is unreal, we lose ourselves in the smoke coming from our broken dreams and the dust laid on unheard feelings.

We are just lost in our own world sometimes, and maybe – just maybe – we will find ourselves again some time, somehow…

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