Do you allow yourself to be happy?

be happy
I have so many ideas in my head but all have been canceled by my condition. A good one, of course. So I put everything on standby and today I’m talking about happiness and how much you allow yourself to be happy. No, I didn’t go crazy (louder than I was). I know what I said. It would be good in the first instance to know what makes you happy. But, in fact, not “health and family”. For me, last year the happiness came from the small holidays where I stayed with my soul. It came from loneliness – that’s what I needed. To be alone, to focus only on what I want. Only I can count. To do what goes through my head. To go to bed on Saturday night as a responsible old lady. Did all this help me? Of course! Do I want them now? Probably.
If I were to judge after what I should have done normally, I would have blocked my happiness. Good move! That was normal. But I did stand by. If I had been forced, I would have done something against my happiness. I know that many could not understand the happiness that loneliness can bring you … you don’t have to understand me.

Just accept me and don’t criticize me.

And you blocked your happiness … When you went to medicine because that’s what your parents wanted. When you have been in that toxic relationship because you have been together for a long time, what would your colleagues say, it is sad to be alone, etc. That time when you wanted to go on a city break but it was more important to buy a new iPhone to be fashionable. You are not allowed to be happy when you are stuck in the past when you only think about what it was, you relive long ago moments when the present passes by you and you do not even realize it.
We deserve to be happy. And you too. And she, and he, and everybody. We deserve to smile like crazy, to sing on the street, to wake up happy after 4 hours of sleep, to enjoy our souls every day. No one will think of your happiness! You have to do it first. I understood that maybe too late. When you sacrifice yourself for others, be careful not to give too much of your soul. It is nice to give but it is good to keep a piece for yourself.
Prince Charming or a fairy will not come to bring you happiness in the package. This is a job you offer yourself. It’s the gift of life for you. This is the test that puts you who knows what unknown force we are.

It can be scary, I know, but it’s not as boring a road as you think.

Repeat yourself every day: “I am responsible for my happiness and no one can keep me away from being happy.” Repeat these words until no one and nothing can make you suffer anymore. Learn not to put your soul away. Because the soul is intimate, and if it is intimate, there should be only the most important beings in your life.
Look in the mirror. Do you remember when you last told yourself how wonderful you are? Do you remember when you last realized your successes? When did you allow yourself to be proud of yourself?
Remember when you forgave yourself for your mistakes? If you managed to forgive others, why wouldn’t you do it with yourself?
Life does not wait for you to decide. Life goes by. You can always be on guard, not knowing if or when you will be hit, or you can enter the ring. The game brings happiness, not to sit like a loser on the sidelines. And happiness means risking. Do you know what makes you happy? You allowed you to fight for this?
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