Do women actually live for your money?


“Gold-digger” is the word that, as a woman, you hear almost every day. Don’t make me mention your snob same-sex friends! Aren’t you tired of this exhausting habit of men always thinking we’re all the same? Aren’t you fed up with being looked at with superiority? Well, I am, so let’s change that, sweethearts! Only together we’ll be able to make the myth of materialistic women disappear.

We’re women, we love shopping, regardless of what we are shopping for: clothes, make-up, gifts for you or simply things to make our homes prettier. There’s no way you can change that, it’s basically in our DNA, don’t you know it already?

Dear men, it’s time to learn that you shouldn’t take anything for granted! Stop labeling us as you do with shoes, we are not all the same!

We live in an era where a woman can earn better than a man, although some fields still discriminate based on the length of your skirt.

We can buy our own shoes now and walk away in dance steps!

Girls can do everything and anything without you, men, but that isn’t what we want. We want you beside us, close to our hearts and homes. You, on the other hand, don’t actually want us – you just want a “new mommy”, someone to take care of you. So stop playing this childish game and let us demonstrate a few reasons why we’re not all gold-diggers like you think!

I can pay for my dinner!

Oh, that moment when you go on a romantic date with the charming prince on the white horse from your fantasies is truly an amazing feeling. You start getting ready three hours before the date and don’t even remind me of the pressure of not knowing what to wear. You get there, you talk, everything’s perfect – but only because he has no idea how uncomfortable you feel in that tight dress you’re wearing. Eventually, the waiter brings the check. You don’t want your partner to think you’re materialistic, right? So you reach for the check and offer to pay for the whole dinner or at least for what you had, but no! God, no! Here it comes, the classic male ego, “I pay for everything”.

My darlings, if you didn’t know, the Code of Good Manners says that it’s not the most elegant thing to fight over who pays the bill, especially in front of the waiter, a simple man who only wants you to pay for your food and leave. And because we don’t want to make a scene, we accept, we let you pay, but only to make you feel better about your manhood and not because we can’t afford a damn salad, the classic order for a first date.

Gifts are offered, not demanded.

I don’t know what kind of women you go out with, but I can guarantee that 90% of women don’t want presents in exchange for love.

It’s more than obvious that we love these gestures, but we’re happy even with a rose and a scented candle. We’re not asking for expensive cars and houses in Hawaii. We want to obtain these on our own or maybe, but just maybe, along with you, but never from you.

    Stop stressing so much about these things and stop running away from relationships during the holidays! Understand that we don’t want to empty your wallets, but offer you love and affection. It’s cold enough outside, don’t let our souls be the same.

Prince Charming has arrived!

There’s this extremely rare moment when you meet the love of your life, but he drives a car that you’ve never heard of before. Destiny brought you together and you’re happy, but something is scaring you. What is that?

You’re scared of what the people would say!

You’ve messed with our heads so much that when you meet someone rich and you love him, you have to run! Why? Because otherwise, you’re just a freeloader that wants him only for the money. But let me tell you something. 

We love you just as much, with money or without them. If it’s different for you, please let us know before we do everything we can to make you happy and write an entire article for and about you.

We’re nothing like you think we are, we don’t care what led you to this conclusion but, my dear opposite sex fellows, I am here to inform you that maybe it’s not us that are materialistic and maybe it’s you, who profit off our kindness. You are the emotional gold-diggers.

Author: Laura-Stefania Birgaoanu



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