Do we need to learn foreign languages?


Even before we’re born, we’re exposed to something that’s called language. Everyone is speaking a language in order to make themselves understood. Nowadays, knowing only one language isn’t going to cut it: more and more employers want employees who know at least one more language.

The perks of being bilingual

Knowing a foreign language is not only essential for boosting your career, but it also has a huge impact on your social life. By learning a new language, you can interact with people from all over the world and expand your social circle. Given the fact that you are making friends from multiple places around the world, you also get to learn about their culture and traditions. As someone who loves to learn foreign languages, I agree! I am a very sociable person, who likes to learn new things. Through the languages that I know, I have met a lot of people and I have made new friends! This also increased my confidence and my overall happiness.

Because of the fact that you are bilingual, you become more tolerant and understanding. What’s cooler than easily connecting to people and resonating with them?

Its impact on the brain

Not only is it important for our day to day lives, but it has also a huge impact on our brain. Learning another language improves your memory, your critical thinking skills, and your concentration. Moreover, because of the differences and the diversities of the languages, it makes the speaker more flexible and creative.

An interesting twist

Did you know that knowing a foreign language helps you have a better command of your mother tongue? Honestly, I have found about this recently and it blew my mind, even though it seems reasonable. You make certain connections and you perceive your mother tongue differently. This has happened to me when I took learning new languages seriously: I find out about new things every day and I try to keep them in mind.

Given the fact that it has this positive impact on the brain, it prevents serious mental diseases, such as Alzheimer.

I’m encouraging all of you to learn foreign languages because they will change you in an amazing way. Trust me! Any language! If you like a country’s culture, learn the language! It will be worth it!


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