Do we need hugs?

do we need hugs?

I have chosen to debate today a topic with a dualistic character: do we need hugs or not? There are people who adore them and people who adore their personal space.

In which category do you find yourself?

Hugs are like a neuronal synapse. Humans are the neurons that connect through the embrace, and the nerve impulse transmitted from one to another plays the role of energy, that is, of emotion.

From a medical point of view, it has been stated that hugs reduce blood pressure and increase immunity. They are said to be true medicine for the soul. When you are sad, disappointed or even angry, you feel like you need a hug.

Really? Is this something that really helps you?

We use the expression “I need” so often that we begin to believe that we are conditioned by banalities. Hugs, at least physically, we don’t need. We want them, we crave them, but they are not something we cannot live without.

Plus, today, this pure and innocent gesture of love and affection, has been genetically modified and transformed into a malformation, something hateful, false that does not feel right.

Do you know those people who hug you every time they see you and how many times they leave?

Tell me that you feel the sincerity, that you feel feelings in them. Yes, neither do I.

Psychically, a hug shows our brain that someone is with us and supports us, that there is no need to go through this experience alone. It emphasizes your empathy for the other, the love and care that they carry for you.

Hugs are offered when you really missed someone, when you want to thank them from the heart and when you want to show them that you are with him/her.

Well, there is also that kind of hug that I call “selfish hugging” because I offer absolutely nothing, but I need it.

Sometimes we offer hugs involuntarily. Then, the hugs become deeper, like a medicine, antibiotic in particular. We embraced people to share with them love or pain, sadness or happiness.

It comes with power and through that feeling of affection, it warms you or only you feel it for the moment. We offer hugs to people who need them. Sometimes out of pity, sometimes, because that’s how we feel.

Are we guilty of being without affection?

No, we are not. But we have a remedy. We embrace not being afraid of being alone, even if in reality we are. That’s what they do. I take you into an unreality, often awakened only by the real. We offer hugs to people like us or who are more like us.

Does it matter to whom we offer them?

Not necessarily. It matters what we felt when we offered them.

At first glance, it seems a seemingly trivial, simple, easy-to-answer question, but like any other aspect of our lives, there are several sheaths that make up this gesture.

A hug can create small wonders sometimes when offered honestly at the right time.

In this innocent physical contact, you can surprise a multitude of emotions: the weight on the shoulders of the people who bump their backs and make them look humble only to the ground as if suppressing their need to look at the sky; the sadness and worries that their souls slowly imprisoned in an existence that seems crazy; disappointments gathered over the years that have diminished their self-esteem. When you embrace someone with all the tenderness you are capable of, those oppressive feelings disappear.

Such an insignificant gesture at the beginning can transmit the positive energy needed to continue to fight, it offers protection, security somehow manages to bring the immaterial concept of “love” to a physical state. Share with someone a part of you, your vibe, and what shapes you as a human being. This act can relieve, comfort and encourage, even someone who does not feel the need for such interaction.

People like to receive attention.

That’s what I noticed over time.

A hug is the bridge that connects (positive-negative) energies from two people and allows the exchange between them. This exchange, this division makes us feel for each other.

We need the courage to embrace. Yes, we really have …

How can we get over it?

The courage to do this lies in the confidence we give to the person in front of us. When you feel that a person is with you, you do it involuntarily. Shyness is not accepted in feelings, because they always cross any borders, fulfilling their purpose, to make you human, at least a little. Our pain has become an enemy of the affection with which the embrace is represented and that is why we decide what weapons we give to each one. We are not able to give ourselves the courage, but we are able to decide who we let to win. Sometimes, we react uncontrollably to this gesture. We tremble, we sweat, we panic, we even run away from hugs.

Why does a tender gesture provoke such a reaction as fear?

When you have only pain and you are devoid of any physical affection, it seems alien, distant and untouchable.

This feeling of stability and comfort wrapped in the love that the hug gives you is almost impossible to replace with another gesture. That’s almost the keyword. If you are with the right person and your feelings are sincere, then you should receive the same emotion when you hold her hand, when you touch her hair, etc. Energy will still find its way, be it through the coarse and fine tactile or kinesthetic pathways. Whether we are talking about friends, parents or lovers.

We are all interconnected and we use emotions, implicitly in hugs, to stay close, like atoms that gravitate around each other.

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