Do not forget the love you can offer today!


Love is such a cliché subject, how many times haven’t we thought about the warmth of a hug, or the beauty of a smile? We all love, whether we want it or not. We all get to this stage, we feel lost and we try to find love in the people around us, but we do not know that they are all lost. Do not forget the love you can offer today!

In a world troubled by hatred and conflicts, by selfishness and injustice, we cling tightly to the small beam of light that penetrates the darkness, love.

Love is everywhere, we just have to find it

I’ve told myself many times that I am incapable of receiving love. I have been blinded by my ignorance, and it took me years to grasp just a bit of the simplest concept of human existence: love is everywhere.

I was looking for it only in people, but their spirits were too robust for my uninitiated ambition. And when I stopped searching for it, I finally understood that it is in everything surrounding us.

I started to admire every flower, to whisper the compliments of the foreigners from the streets, to rejoice over every sunset and sunrise. I learned to live.

And it was time to teach others.

Love takes many forms

And it was only when I felt the love gush out of me that I realized it. We are a reservoir of love, and if we don’t share it, we waste it.

Love is life. There are so many ways that we can tell a person that we love her, so… why not?

I began to feel love only when I decided to love. There are countless ways to show your love. From flowers to words, kisses or just a “take care”.

Love transcends the physic plane and changes according to every soul

Learn not to forget the love you can offer today! Do not let you intervene in your lives! Remember, you have one life, take advantage of it, love. Love exists everywhere.

You can love a flower, a job, a person or even a dog. But the most important thing is to love the person who has an endless amount of love for you.

The universe, created from energy, teaches us that we must always offer out love. We must not allow our souls to get cold.

Evey being is linked by love

The link between the soul, the real force of life, and the physical one is love. You can’t live without it, you can, but you’ll end up with a dead soul. A long-forgotten dream, lost during this uncertain road.

“Love is always a pleasant and patient, never jealous; Love is not praiseworthy or conceited, not uncivil or selfish; It is not angry and doesn’t hold grudges; Love finds no pleasure in the sins of others. But it really enjoys it. It is always ready to forgive, to trust, to hope or endure whatever follows.”

When you love, you forget everything

You forget that you exist, forget that you love and forget about yourself. But never forget about him or her. You shouldn’t stay alone, and you cannot live your life without them.  What you can is to hope that everything was made for you.

Don’t forget to live a little, so DON’T FORGET THE LOVE YOU CAN OFFER TODAY!

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Authors:Birgaoanu Laura-Stefania

Mantoiu Dragos


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