8 documentaries that are disturbing, yet incredibly fascinating


As humans, fascinating documentaries often fascinate us. How other people act in certain situations or what causes someone’s actions are generally deeply upsetting details. But what we can’t understand is what occupies most of our minds.

Here are some disturbing yet incredibly fascinating documentaries that explore the part of us that loves to be creeped out. However, proceed with caution, as these are not everyone’s cup of tea.


The Woman Who Wasn’t There

After the tragic 9/11 incident, all public support was turned towards the victims who have lost their loved ones in the catastrophe. However, one survivor’s story stood out the most: Tania Head. Her incredible story about how she escaped from the south tower, lost her husband in the process, and still managed to be there for other victims impressed the entire world. A heroic story that turned out to be…a lie.


Crazy Love

Sometimes, love makes you do crazy things. But this one takes toxic relationships to a whole new level.

As he falls madly in love with 21-year-old Linda Riss, the much older Burt Pugach decides she will be his forever. And he will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

The many twists and turns in this story make it seem more like a fantasy story. But the story did happen, and the events are unfortunately very real.



Competitive endurance tickling – yes, this is an actual sport.

What started out as a documentary about this strange practice, became a scarier look into the world of internet scammers. The story turns from a documentary, into a comedy, and into a horror.



The Olympics are an incredible chance for the most eligible sports champions to showcase their talent. And for the best one to win.

We’ve all heard about the Russian athletes’ unmatched skills. But how do they do it? Well, it turns out the secret is – dope. An unsettling look into one of the biggest scandals in sports history.


The Imposter

In 1994, Nicholas Barclay went missing. But unlike most missing child cases, this time, Nicholas was found 3 years later in Spain. Or was he?

The documentary trails the story of French con-artist, Frederic Bourdin, as he pretends to be the Barclay family’s son. And he gets away with it. At least for a while. Find out how they figured he was an imposter and what really happened to Nicholas in this twisted 2008 documentary.


Jesus Camp

Cults are not unheard of in today’s society. Many of us have heard about them and thought to ourselves “that could never be me”. But what if you’re born into it?

This documentary is especially disturbing as it follows the story, behavior, and beliefs of the children enrolled in the “Kids on Fire” camp. This is not your typical religious experience, but an extreme approach to shaping the youth into intense believers.



Former Miss Wyoming beauty queen, Joyce McKinney, found herself in the middle of a huge scandal in 1977 as she was accused of kidnapping an American Mormon from England and raping him.

However, she claims this is all fake news. What they had, was a real love story.


Wild Wild Country

When controversial Indian guru builds a city and a community of followers in the state of Oregon, the locals seem to want them gone. This causes a massive conflict, as they can’t seem to agree to live in peace. The conflict turns more and more violent and each “team” does what it has to do to protect its people.

Truly a clash like no other.


Documentaries usually teach us most of what we need to know about a subject. And even though I believe these are some of the most disturbing yet incredibly fascinating documentaries, I also believe they can be educational. The world around us is sometimes more twisted than we think, and what we are not part of we can experience through its broadcast.


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