£ 269£ 359 /mo
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£ 709£ 999 /mo
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£ 1689+£ 2499 /mo
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We have returned this year with a topical theme, "Romanianisms". Together we will explore the theories that Romanians consider absolute truths, even though they aren't, and the way in which these fundamental beliefs have shaped our reality. Having expertise in fields such as marketing, psychology, journalism, the guests will fight the ubiquitous prejudices in the Romanian society.


WTFRock Festival

Way Too Far Rock Festival, or briefly, WTF, started with a series of events - manifesto events, initiated by the team of a local publication (Bistrița-Năsăud Observatory) as an alternative to an excessively consumerist society. WTF is the concept that discourages mediocrity, lack of artistic and cultural values, promoting the human typology that is marked by freedom and creativity.



When we refer to POV21 Magazine, we are actually referring to today's generation, which we want to value. The ideas and perspectives of the 21st-century youth are important and relevant to us. Because we are constantly inspired by the people surrounding us, we believe we should inspire in return.



UBG Construct is a company specialized in housing construction, with a complete range of works, from structures to finishes. Since 2008.