Senses: did you know these remarkable facts about them?


Our senses are crucial because they help us to live and experience life. Although there is a notion that there are only five of them, these are the basic ones: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, but they are more in number.

For example, from the tactile sense emerges one of the most unpleasant but necessary senses, nociception, which is the sense of pain. It seems nice to not feel any pain, feel tired, or feel hungry, but this sense helps you realize a danger and avoid it. We would do whatever we desire without having fear if we did not have this sense. But this compromises our bodies and puts us in great danger. However, some people do not feel pain, and this is due to a disorder called CIPA.

When we hear the question: “Which of the five senses could you live without?”senses and many people would respond with a sense that they consider the most useless or with one they think is the least used. The reality is that they are all just as important. The sense of sight is vital because it allows you to perform many things; the sense of smell is also significant because it can detect fire, the sense of taste can identify a substance that is possibly hazardous to the body. They all have a special role to play in our protection.

You may not have noticed that when you use all the senses at once, doing what you love you feel best. For instance, do you remember those moments when you watch a movie that Senses: did you know these remarkable facts about them?seems interesting, maybe there is music in the background, at the same time you eat your favorite snack or food? You feel so good because you satisfy all three senses at once. Here’s an idea: Try to satisfy all five senses at once and see how you feel.

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