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Is it a girl or is it a boy? Doesn’t matter, they will need constant care. And what are two number one products parents must carry with them at all times? Diapers and wipes. Why? We know very well how messy things can get with a newborn!

Anyway, let me introduce you to this story. You are the mommy or daddy of a newborn child and I’m a friend of yours.

Why am I here?

Because I want to help you choose the best option of wipes and diapers for your baby. And that’s why I made for you this top 5 best diapers and wipes brands.

As one might have expected, the newborn needs diapers and wipes. A lot of diapers and wipes. You will be changing your newborn’s diaper roughly 7-8 times PER DAY. And about 5-6 times per day for a 6 month-old baby.

Like you see in the movies, your baby will be wearing diapers every single day for about the next 1 to 4 years. Almost 5,000 diapers in total. Nice, right? So, let’s see what is the best option for diapers and wipes for your baby!

No. 1, and honestly my favorite brand is Pampers diapers and wipes

Let me remind you that when your baby was born, probably the first diaper that he or she wore was a pampers swaddler in the hospital. Why? Because pampers swaddlers are soft, fit well, prevent leaks, and have an umbilical cord notch for newbies. Moreover, they have a line that changes color to indicate the wetness.

I already told you why these are the most used and appreciated in the hospitals for newborns and why mothers choose them for their babies. But for overnight use, Pampers baby dry diapers are most appreciated because they are extra absorbent and have a snug fit. An eco-friendly diaper is the one by Pampers pure, the cheaper equivalent for Hello Bello Diapers.

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Yeah, the second choice in my top is Hello Bello Diapers and Wipes

Hello Bello is a line of premium plant-based baby products from none other than Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard. What’s so great about them is the fact that they don’t use things like fragrance, phthalates, or parabens. They specifically say they “avoid chemicals of concern.”

What I also like about them is, basically, their focus on using organic, non-GMO, and plant-based ingredients for their products.

“These are great. Super gentle, mild scent if at all, don’t need too many to get the job done, hold a lot of moisture, and don’t dry out easily. But it’s difficult to pull out just one at a time—oftentimes a few get pulled at a time and then I have to shove the extra ones I don’t need back into the package.”

“My son seems to break out with every wipe we have tried. We were using water wipes until we discovered Hello Bello. They seem to be a lot softer on his tush and haven’t caused any rashes. The best wipes we have found for a baby with sensitive skin!”

“I LOVE these diapers. I’m usually a Huggies fan (still am) but my son has been leaking through them at night. I saw these at the store and figured I’d give them a try since they claim premium protection for day and night. When I opened the package I was a little skeptical because they felt super thin, almost like Luvs or something similar. They didn’t disappoint, though!”

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No. 3, Huggies brand is one of the best diapers and wipes brands

The diapers also make little swaddlers for newborns. Huggies Snug & Dry have an elastic waistband for a tighter fit and the price for this brand is cheaper than the rest. That’s just one reason that makes me talk to you about this brand. These diapers are soft, hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin; they even have a wetness indicator and a super cute design.

“I have tried many different diapers. The best part of these, the poop trap at the top back of the diaper so that you have some extra insurance on a blow-out!! My 29-month-old and 11 months old wear them during the day.”

“Did an amazing job for my newborn baby. I received a sample of these, and I also tried a couple of other brands, but I got back to the Little Snugglers. It doesn’t leak, really absorbent and stays in place. Also, there is a yellow line on the diaper that turns blue when the diaper is wet, so convenient. Feels soft to the touch so I’m sure my little baby’s bum is comfortable! Excellent choice.”

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The GoodNites brand is in my top too!

I left down below some opinions about them from a bunch of mothers:

“There is a difference between GoodNites and the store brands. GoodNites really meant a lot of dry nights for us. When I tried the store brands, we had more leakage/wet nights.”

“This product is a great larger size pullup. My son has special needs, and doesn’t yet know what to do on the potty yet. I am grateful for a cheaper, massed produced product that has the expected Huggies quality, so the diaper doesn’t leak the first time he goes. I use them on him all day.”

“GoodNites are the only night diapers that keep my son dry all night so I don’t have to wash his sheets every few nights which defeat the purpose of saving a few cents. I strongly recommend it if your boy doesn’t stay dry at night yet.”

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For the last one, the Honest brand!

Like many other diapers and wipes brands, for us, they have products that are good for us and the babies, and products that I don’t like quite so much. But I want to tell you about Honest diapers and wipes and especially about their diapers. Honestly, I like so much their design for diapers, it’s so cool and classic.

After that, a good point for Honest Diapers and Wipes is the thing that their diapers are biodegradable, which is very good for nature and for the babies. But, overall, it actually really works well. I also like very much their wipes, because of how good it smells and how soft it is for the skin.

What I want to mention about their wipes is the fact that they are thick, and that’s good because it cleans really well. So, I imagine that you don’t want to use many wipes when you clean your baby of poop and pee and mess, so that’s why I recommend the Honest wipes. With just one wipe, you literally clean the baby’s bottom.

From me to you, as a secret, if you’re a low-price hunter (like me) and like to pinpoint your cost-per-diaper (you are not the only one, trust me), you’ll be pleasantly surprised by these.

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