Desperate situation in Italy: Naples patients received oxygen in their cars

oxygen in their cars

As Europe confronts the second wave of COVID-19, the Italian healthcare system faces new challenges. Outside a Naples hospital, people received oxygen in their cars while waiting in a long queue of ambulances and private vehicles.

It occurred after all the doctors in the coronavirus ward at the Cotugno Hospital had been infected and put into isolation as a consequence. The rest of the medical staff assisted individuals with breathing difficulties by setting the oxygen tanks outside their cars and checking on them. 

If the situation persists, Campania might become a red zone. In this condition, people can leave their houses for essential shopping or medical appointments. 

Out of the 11,000 beds of intensive care units in Italy, 3,000 are currently occupied. In light of the increasing number of cases, doctors fear that the medical system could fail its patients again. As we remember, Italy had one of the highest rates of COVID-19 infections during the first wave. The measures taken by the authorities since April might not be enough. 

Today, on 12th November 2020, Italy registered 37, 979 new coronavirus cases and 636 deaths. Northern Lombardy keeps its place as the worst affected region in the country. The total number of infections in Italy topped one million. 


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