Designing and sewing your own clothes (why and how to)


Do you know that feeling of excitement you get when seeing a sundress you like? But still, the cleavage is too low, the lace is the wrong shade, the straps are too thin, it is the wrong length… Wouldn’t it be nicer if you did it yourself, the way you wanted? Anyway, what better way is out there to express yourself other than through fashion? So, how come you have never considered designing and sewing your own clothes?

Why make your own clothes?

Making your own clothes means stimulating your imagination, fashion sense, saving money, and being sustainable, all these at once.

Your wallet will thank you.

Moneywise, designing and sewing your own clothes can be really helpful mostly if you are a student and you don’t yet have a stable income. Also, it is a great alternative if you find yourself not really digging the clothes you see on retail, or if you consider them to be overpriced.

Not only do you save money, but you also save the Earth.

As previously stated, it is sustainable. If you sew your own pieces of clothing, the demand for clothing for bigger companies will immediately lower, and the production will implicitly decrease as well. The result of this is less trash in the global landfill. To me, meeting my desires while saving the Earth from a significant amount of pollution sounds like the proper way of doing life.

The self-development:

The design part, though! Sketching outfits improves your practicality and imagination. Meanwhile, you can also upgrade your drawing skills as time goes by.

How to:

Start by deciding what material you want and for what piece of clothing. If you seem to be quite indecisive, look up inspiration online. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources, but you can also leaf through some fashion magazines.

Then continue by sketching your desired piece onto a piece of paper but at a lower scale.

With a piece of tailoring chalk sketch the parts on the material (make them slightly bigger so you have enough spare space for sewing them together or for later adjustments).

Then comes the sewing.

There are so many types of stitches: some are decorative, others are for solidity and durability, others are for stretchiness. This video right here will teach you all you need to know about basic hand stitches, it is great if you are a begginer.
If you have a sewing machine, that’s even better. YouTube is full of videos about machine stitches. But if you don’t, investing in a good one is definitely worth it. Mostly if you plan on sewing your own clothes longterm.

And the best part is, whenever you get bored with your clothes you can disassemble them and mix things up!

Despite all the rather complicated steps that it usually implies, making your own clothes can also be as simple as thrift flipping (doing small adjustments to clothes you already own). You decide!

Crocheting and embroidery

If you don’t really have the time for all this mentioned before, crocheting a pair of socks or embroidering a flower on a t-shirt you’ve had for ages is still creating fashion.

Making your own clothes is something you should definitely get into this 2020, whether you want to take it seriously or just as a hobby or fun activity to make time fly easier during the lockdown.


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