Depression, the heavy monster during pandemic Christmas


Depression is a heavy little monster. As Christmastime is supposed to be joyful and warm, some may feel like outsiders and may find it hard to connect with other people. Besides this lost holiday spirit, the pandemic is pretty hard to handle. Some of us won’t be able to reunite with their families, or there is no family to go to. Here are some things that may help you in this hard time.

Be kind to yourself.

I know we base this period on showing kindness towards others, but what about your tiny little soul that needs a warm hug? I won’t use the D-word that scares most of us, but that monster is heavy and leans even heavier when there is no kindness from yourself. We are harsher and harsher with ourselves because we feel that we may do so, but what if you were treating your best friend with the same attitude? No, you won’t do that, because you want the best for your best friend. What if you were your best friend? Try to see yourself as another being, and your attitude will surely change.

Of course, it is hard to be kind to yourself, the academic stress is heavy, and you need to do all your assignments, to fulfill all of your duties, to stay connected to the people, even if it is an online connection, you need to put your best into what you’re doing, right? We try so hard that we forget that we are humans too, that we need kindness not from others, but ourselves.

Take a step back and look at yourself as another person. People love you, and sometimes that is enough. Hug yourself for yourself.

Do what you need.

When I’m talking about meeting your duties, I don’t mean your academic ones or household chores, but doing what your soul needs. Depression may stop you from meeting your responsibilities, and it is important to do what deep down your soul demands. Write about your feelings, paint your feelings out, or even drift away from yourself for a little.

It is sad the educational system won’t allow being vulnerable, feeling down, being human, but you have to do what is best for you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to have a bunch of bad days, to process your feelings. We are not robots. Take a break and focus on what really matters to you right now.

Ask for help.

You are not alone. You can’t go through this alone. Talk to your dear ones and tell them how you’re feeling, seek help, professional or not. The thought of dealing with depression brings more negative thoughts, but labeling it may or may not be important. It is important is to know what you feel and reach people you think can help. Sharing your pain does not mean you spread it, but it means you distribute it, and so it gets smaller and smaller. The label you put on it may be heavier and directing you to some frightful paths. You don’t need to go there to deal with what you’re feeling.

Depression is not an easy road, but you don’t need to travel alone, take companionship, and share whatever you may feel. Try to maintain yourself open and don’t cut people out of your life. You are not alone.

Under the Christmas tree full of masks, there are more gifts than you can see.


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