When Depression hits: how to help your body during hard times


I am currently struggling with the longest depressed period. I am not used to this constant feeling of overwhelmingness, as it is hard to manage my emotions and to discover what has been triggered my depressed feelings. Depression makes My body function unusually, and I no longer recognize myself. What can I do for my body and my mind to find its tranquility?

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Tiredness is a word associated with depression, but mine come from my eating habits too. I began cooking less and less often, as I felt swallowed by my emotions. And so, I started eating more junk food, more processed food, which only slowed down my bodily functions. Besides, according to a British study of over 3,000 people, processed food made the rate of depression increase. Knowing this, I started eating at least one vegetable and at least a fruit a day.

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As I began being more aware of what I gave to my body, I can say that it really matters to eat foods that help your body function better. After a healthy meal, you feel way more energized.


Make your bed more comfortable.

Being depressed may include unhealthy sleep habits, insomnia, and restlessness. Often, because of these symptoms, your bed feels more uncomfortable. What helped me feel more comfortable was: buying new colorful and silkier bedding, changing the pillows, and light some scented candles. It does not mean these tips help you with your sleeping, but they may make you feel more relaxed. You don’t need to sleep to feel rested but to relax your body and your mind.

These tips may seem like small steps in your healing, but they help you get through the process. When a lot is going on in your life, you may feel that talking to someone about your feelings may be overwhelming. I feel there is an avalanche to come. And not talking about my feelings helps the snow melting. This is one of the hardest steps of being depressed when you feel that you can’t talk about what you feel, but you want to do something for yourself. 

These tips came from my experience, mind that they may not work for everyone. Start making small steps for your recovering. In this process, your tools are your mind, soul, and body. Help them get through this!




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