Nutritious and delicious vegan foods packed with protein 


When people create assumptions about vegans having an unhealthy protein deficit in their diets, it makes my blood boil. As a person who has been trying to transition from vegetarianism to veganism for a couple of years now, I have had my fair share of experimenting with food and trying to find as many plant-based proteins as possible. Although my food transition is not yet complete, I am pleased to report that vegan proteins have been found and to the disbelievers out there I can say that you have been wrong. The following are some vegan protein options that I have implemented in my diet.   


This low-calorie high protein soy milk product is a great satisfying meat substitute. However, people seem to be thrown off of the fact that tofu tastes literally like nothing. It is quite bland and can sometimes be off-putting. What many don’t realize is that this is the beauty of it. Since it absorbs anything you add to it during cooking, tofu gives you the freedom to make it as salty or sour, as sweet or spicy, as crispy or soft as you want.   


In my home, hummus is a staple since it goes with everything! You can use it as a dip, a spread, or even as a dressing. Made my boiled chickpeas (which is the superfood ingredient), lemon, olive oil, tahini, and some garlic which gives it that mild zesty flavor, hummus is a heavenly delicious source of protein. Most importantly, it’s cholesterol-free which makes it a super healthy food for your body.  

Nutritional yeast  

Made by a specific strain of yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the health benefits from the nutritional yeast go over the roof since it contains a complete protein. However, this superfood has risen to popularity not only because of its richness in nutrients but also because it appears to have an almost cheese-like taste. Given that its flavor can be quite strong, it might not be anyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, using a small amount of nutritional yeast can give you just enough of a kick to wake up your taste buds.  


Lentils are made up of a generous amount of protein (around 25%). You can find them in various colors (from green to red, to yellow and brown, and even black) and can prepare with them an abundance of dishes. My favorites ones are the creamy lentil coconut curry and flavorsome and aromatic Indian dal.  


Beans should be a must in any type of diet. They may be known for causing unwanted flatulence, but despite that these legumes are a much better bargain than any other non-vegan protein choice. When compared to meat, beans come very close as to which one of them contains a bigger amount of protein, alluding to the fact that vegans are perfectly capable of surviving without the consumption of animal products.  


Originating from the farms of South America, news about the health benefits of quinoa spread like wildfire. You can find it in most supermarkets and its popularity doesn’t seem to cease growing. When boiled, quinoa has a soft and fluffy texture and is an excellent gluten-free rice alternative. Besides, you can combine it with both sweet and savory dishes and use it in numerous recipes in form of flour or simply cooked to make your food extra healthy.  

Regardless of the fact that you may be a vegan, vegetarian, or meat-lover, for the sake of diversity, you can spice things up once in a while and substitute your steak with crunchy tofu.    




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