Dear teachers, we are not stupid!


Do you think that if we aren’t good at your subject, we are stupid?

No, we aren’t! Maybe you’ve met a lot of lazy students who simply don’t have the capacity to learn at the required level, but I’m sure that most of the time it’s because they’ve lost their interest in the discipline when you chose to blow off steam at the class. Or they still learn something that you’ve told them to cram by themselves because it’s convenient to stay at the desk and talk nonsense for 50 minutes. You’ve refused to explain the lesson to them! Dear teachers, we are not stupid!

Disclaimer: This article is not about those teachers who have to deal with a class of “little monsters”. There’s already another article about this. I’m talking about the teachers who teach 17-18 year-olds that are mature enough to have a normal conversation in which they can express their opinions and eventually, ask for help, but those teachers, like most adults, shut them up with the famous line “I don’t want to hear another comment!”

And no, dear teacher. I don’t wanna shut my mouth!

I will speak up until you will shut your mouth and listen to me. Until you’ll stop raising your voice when I speak in a civilized way and until you’ll let me talk instead of screaming over me. Or am I the only one taught by their parents that one has to listen when someone is talking and not interrupt them?

Respect is somehow inaccessible for an adult who teaches. Do I have to respect you because you are older than me, but you don’t have to respect me because I’m a student? Nonsense! Respect is and it will always be something that is mutually granted. I’m sorry that you haven’t been taught this way! Respect has to be earned. Just like trust, once you lost it, it’s hard to get it back. Why am I stupid, dear teachers, after all?

Do you see me as a snot-nosed kid? Am I stupid because you have a diploma that I don’t have yet? Oh, is it because you have the right to talk to the students like that, and they don’t have the right to answer you?

And yes, I’m sorry, but when I have an answer to your question, I don’t comment! I have the right to tell my opinion and if you contradict me, read the Constitution and see that I’m right! I’m not telling you that I’m a smart one.

Respect, also called esteem, is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important. Respect is a must when striving for success, and if this is what you aim for, then you should check this article!

And I’m not telling you that I am an Einstein or that you are dumb.

After all, if you wouldn’t have s certain knowledge, I’m not sure if you could become a teacher. I hope that we won’t end up being taught by uncultured people who came into a prestigious and reputable institution because they know someone.

“When you say institution, you say rules! And when you say rules, you say discipline!  And when you say discipline, you say respect!” I’m sorry that you have this mantra in your head which you probably recite since you’ve finished the pedagogical. You’ve walked in front of some students who admire you and you forgot about an essential element: respect. My mom taught me to respect the people around me, not just older people, but all of them. What have they taught you, to ask for respect without reciprocating?

Don’t tell you’re angry because of your kid, you probably didn’t know how to give them a proper education. This anger is expressed through the phrase “You don’t tell me how to teach! If you want to learn, learn because I’ll give you a test.”

Don’t get upset, but the only test that is necessary is the psychological one for you. To see if you are able to teach, or at least, to pay attention to the one who speaks.

No one is telling you how to teach, all you have to do is to explain something to a class of students who didn’t understand for the first time, or something that it has never been explained to them! Then, why do you have expectations? Why do you expect them to understand what you give them to learn? It’s high time for you to learn too! Because when you give them a test you have the textbook in front of your eyes anyway. Are you exempt from learning the lesson yourself?

I agree that if one or two don’t learn, you can tell that they are disinterested, but we are not stupid.

But there’s still a chance that they haven’t understood, but they don’t say it out loud. But, my dear, when 3 out of 29 students want to answer, even if they are insecure and scared that the answer isn’t right, don’t you want to pull an alarm signal because, maybe the students aren’t so good, maybe we are not stupid and maybe you’ve done something wrong?

And when they beg you to explain to them, do you think that they believe that they are smart? But you know that I think that I am smart! Because I am. I’m so smart that I am able to admit when I can’t do something by myself and when I can learn something by myself. I am so smart that I know to ask for help when I need it. And I let you know that this isn’t making me a snot-nosed kid who talks nonsense.

Anyway, we’ll see each other on the day of the test! I let you know that I’m going to try to study all by myself. If I will make it and I will take a good degree, it’s because of me and if I don’t, it’s your fault!

We’ll see each other next class, dear teachers!

Signed by a pretty smart and brave student, that has the courage to talk back if that’s what it takes to make you, the teacher, explain to me something that you never want to.

Author: Andra Botizan



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