Dating apps- The new way of meeting and knowing people?

It goes without saying that the world constantly changes to the point where it becomes different. We all know how our parents and grandparents tell us: “Back in my day….”. Back in their day, it was obviously different: they didn’t have the technology we have today and their lives didn’t revolve around social media.
I have to admit, we are way too reliant on social media to the point where it became our new reality. Even the way we go on dates and meet new people has changed. How? Well, there are a lot of dating apps around here which help you meet “the one”. Theoretically. With that being said, this article will be about dating apps and their impact on our society.

The concept

Basically, you download a dating app of your choice, you see pictures of people and you decide if you like them or not. And if it’s mutual, you can chat. Simple as that. To be honest with you, I didn’t imagine that dating could also be like this, but things change.
In all fairness, I’ve never tried dating apps, because they seemed stupid to me. But, from what I’ve seen, the issue with them is much more than just them being stupid.

Their impact

Can this simple concept lead to worse things? Yes, it can. It turns out that using dating apps (such as Tinder or Bumble) can lead to anxiety and depression. How can this simple concept cause anxiety and depression? Well, you “meet” a lot of people and not all of them will like you, so you get rejected. And this rejection can have a huge impact on your well-being. Moreover, this rejection can lead to extremely low self-esteem and self-doubt.
Another bad thing is the fact that they change your general view on relationships. They affect our day to day interaction with other people and they can disappoint sometimes. For example, you meet someone through a dating app and they are very different from many points of view: they don’t look anything like their profile picture or they act weird.
This new way of virtual dating has also a huge impact on decision making in terms of relationships. It perpetuates the “short-term relationships” culture, which only focuses on the illusion of dating.

What should you do?

I’m not saying that you should stop using them, if you like them. I don’t want to be that kind of person, even though I don’t like them. The key is HOW you use them. Rejection happens, it’s a part of life! You shouldn’t take it personally or let it define you! And if you find someone you really like, stop using the app! Stop searching for that constant illusion of perfection and start actually living your life. It will lead to positive, significant changes in your life.

Even though our society has changed a lot and it’s very different from what our parents and grandparents lived, it’s important for us to live the moment to the fullest and to star in our own lives. Try to go out more in order to actually meet people and interact with them! Trust me, it will be amazing.



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