Dark Academia: 5 activities


Dark Academia is a popular aesthetic that revolves around vintage clothing, academic activities and classic literature with various themes, such as books, classical music, poetry, death/murder, romance, existentialism and coming of age.

Dark Academia: 5 activities

  1. Going thrifting

There are pieces of clothing that make this aesthetic look academic, such as sweater vests, cardigans, coats, blazers, turtlenecks, plaid skirts and many more can be found in a thrift store at a reasonable price.

Going thrifting

2. Learning a new language

Because the Dark Academia aesthetic revolves mostly around academic activities, learning a new language is the best thing you can do, especially if it is Latin or Greek.

Language learning

3. Writing poetry

Being an academic can’t be easy, which is why you should always express your feelings through poetry. Anger, happiness, sorrow, angst, it all can be put into verses.

Writing poetry

4. Reading

Reading (a lot) is probably the main theme of Dark Academia and it is very important. From the classics to modern literature anything is welcomed.


5. Studying

Literally, any subject is acceptable, but some of the main Dark Academia subjects are philosophy, psychology, English, Latin, linguistics, chemistry, history, art, math and physics.


To be honest, I think any kind of activity can be a part of Dark Academia if you believe so. The list doesn’t stop here. Add your own activities and be creative. Everything can be romanticized, my fellow academics. 😉


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