Dark – a spoiler free review


If you are looking for a mysterious, creepy TV show to watch, look no further, Dark is the perfect choice for you. This sci-fi TV show is so full of mysteries that it will keep you glued to the screen and you’ll probably binge watch it in one sitting.

I got curious about this show because people were calling it the German Stranger Things which is really not the case, but I do understand why they’d say that.

The show revolves around four interconnected families in the small fictional town of wind in Germany. When their children start mysteriously disappearing for no reason a sinister time travel conspiracy starts to unravel as the families start discovering dark secrets, hidden double lives, and disturbing pasts among themselves. Now, as much as I want to go on about how brilliant the show is, I can’t really do so, without spoiling some major plot points that enhance the experience as you watch them unfold yourself, but that’s what the show it’s good at.

The show keeps you hooked with all these plot twists and all these unpredictable mysteries. And as far as similarities with stranger things go, I mean, it has kids and sci-fi elements, but it has an incredibly complex plotline and not to ride on stranger things, but if that show were Spielberg, let’s just say this one is Christopher Nolan. Again I can’t say too much about the show without completely ruining it for you, but I was constantly mind blown about how clever and smart the writing was.

For me, it’s probably one of the most quality sci-fi shows in TV history. Dark is a great sci-fi show and if you like the complex plots that leave you thinking, with a dash of time travel to go along with, then definitely check out Dark.


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