Cyprus: 5 beautiful places you have to visit


Cyprus is ideal due to the mild climate, affordable prices and impressive historical and cultural load. Being an island in the Mediterranean Sea, it offers sublime landscapes and multiple leisure possibilities.

Located in southern Turkey, Cyprus is a mix of culture, beaches, historic cities and high mountain peaks. Thus, interest in this island has grown considerably. That is why, in recent years, more and more travel agencies are creating attractive packages for this small but certainly beautiful country.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Resort is the party paradise, being known for the intense nightlife it develops after sunset. Countless bars and clubs, many of them located in Central Square, remain open until dawn and offer live music, delicious drinks and a youthful atmosphere.

During the day, you must visit the beautiful beaches of Ayia Napa, such as Nissi, Grecian Bay and Makronissos. And if you have passions for history, take the time to visit the Ayia Napa Monastery, built in the 16th century, as well as the Thalassa Museum, which houses a unique collection of exhibits related to the importance of the presence of the sea in the development of the region.


At first glance, the affordable city of Larnaca, located in the southeast of the country, can be considered a seaside resort. But despite this, it retains its authentic local spirit. Larnaca is by far the best “base” for sun lovers who come to spend their holidays in Cyprus, having all the facilities in this regard.

In addition, however, sights such as the Turkish Quarter (Skala) and the famous church of St. Lazarus (Agios Lazarus) add a historic charm to the town, while in the city center you will find the atmosphere of an ordinary city, rather than a summer holiday resort. Near Larnaca, the salt lake in the west of the city can be a delight for photographers due to the population of flamingos that stop here in the spring, as the villages on the surrounding hills are as many cultural tourist attractions.

Nicosia- the capital of Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, but it could be said that it is different from any other capital. Divided between the region controlled by the Turks in the north of the island and the one controlled by the Greeks in the south, Nicosia is a mixture of sensations and “flavors” of the two cultures so different. There are more than 10 interesting museums in Nicosia, starting with the Cyprus Museum and continuing with the Byzantine Museum and the Ledra Observatory Museum, where you can climb to the 11th floor to see from above the line separating the two regions of Cyprus. green”).

If you want to buy Cypriot souvenirs, head to Ledra Street, where you will find traditional products or to Laiki Geitonia, where cheap souvenir shops await you, especially open to tourists.


After the capital, Limassol is the largest city in Cyprus, an important port and, in recent decades, a popular tourist destination for those looking for sun and sand. The Old Town of Limassol is the best place to start exploring this city, which can not miss a tour of the impressive castle.

Also, in the Old Center you have to take a walk on Anexartisias Street, an interesting commercial artery, from where you will reach Saripolou Square, a real hub of nightlife in Limassol, both for locals and tourists. Don’t leave without admiring the luxury yachts in the harbor, after a walk on the Akti Olympion seafront.


Influenced by the Peloponnesian Greeks, Venetian settlers and Ottoman rulers alike, Kyrenia (Girne, in Turkish) remains one of the most charming ancient cities on the north coast. The town welcomes you with its blue harbor, guarded by the Kyrenia mountain range, where tourists can enjoy a delicious kebab or a plate with mezze, while watching the traditional kaiki fishing boats, which come and go by sea.

Don’t miss the images of Kyrenia Castle, which dominates the eastern side of the port – a huge Byzantine fortification, which has made this city an important strategic point over time.


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