Cutting your nails – from fascinating beliefs to health


Let’s talk about cutting your nails. Is something we all do, even from the first few months of our lives. For this process to be successful, you should use nail clippers to remove the excess. You should remove the excess because it becomes uncomfortable and or to create an attractive or clean look. Certain beliefs surround the process of cutting your nails, but its beneficial to our health to do so.

Theories and beliefs about cutting your nails

The theory behind this process is not much. In history and different cultures, many superstitions surround the process of cutting one’s nails. For example, it is absolutely forbidden to cut your nails on a Sunday. Gossip and badmouthing will follow you the entirety of the next week if you do that. Nails are also seen as a guide.

Gathering all of the cut nails into the palm of your hand and saying “You first and I will follow”. Even when it comes to children, there are certain sayings that seem to have originated from the mouths of witches. Such a saying is that if you cut a child’s nails before their first birthday, they will become a thief when they grow up. Moreover, nails are seen as a child’s weapon against the devil or dark forces.

It is also believed that cutting your nails in the moonlight brings bad luck. There is one specificity that I noticed in all the superstitions that I have researched. Especially in Anglo-Saxon traditions and practices. Cut nails that are thrown on the ground or that are hidden under rugs, bring bad luck even in the afterlife. It is believed that you will have to spend your entire life beyond gathering them.

What nails have to say about our health

Cutting your nails – from beliefs to health

These beliefs don’t actually affect your health, but your nails give signs of unhealthy organisms. With all these traditions and superstitions, the scientific reality of nails is much simpler. Our health as functioning organisms is strongly tied to the health of our nails. Signs of an unhealthy organism can vary from discoloration to dark lines that might appear on the surface of the nails. What might be surprising is that stress plays a big part in the growth of nails. Nails are made from the same substance as our hair, specifically keratin. This means that all products which contain beneficial vitamins for our hair will be good for our nails.

Another interesting fact about the process of growing our nails is the fact that they grow faster in the summer and their growth also depends on our age and genetics. Genetics also plays a part in the strength and resistance of the nails.

Baby nails

When it comes to the actual process of nail cutting, baby nails are the most difficult to maintain. Because they are so small and also due to their need to move constantly, cutting the nails of babies is extremely complicated.

All in all, we can say that the idea of cutting nails for good luck to the actual process of it, cutting your nails is a healthy habit.


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