Cute stationery – 4 reasons why we can’t stop buying them

Cute stationery - 4 reasons why we can't stop buying them

The term stationery usually refers to writing and office materials, such as notebooks, diaries, pencils and any other supplies that belong in this category. They come in various designs and colors and can be really useful not only when we are trying to schedule our program but also when we want to let our imagination run wild.

I have always liked this kind of writing essentials and I can certainly say that I’m pretty obsessed with them. For me, the pastel colored ones with a really sweet and adorable pattern seem to do the trick. They sparkle something inside me and put me in a cheerful state of mind. However, sometimes we just can’t stop ourselves from hoarding these items. It seems that there’s never enough of them, and no matter how many we have, when we spot a pretty new one of them in a pen shop, we must have it.

Here are 4 reasons why we are so hooked up on them.

1. Stationery evoke an emotional response from us, psychologists say

There’s something about an adorable new notebook or a fancy pen that makes us melt. When we buy them it’s almost guaranteed to make us feel joyful and all bubbly inside. Moreover, their cuteness can instantly lift your mood and brighten your gloomy, stressful day at school. And that’s because stationery often make us think of a new beginning, and there’s a never ending potential about using them. Therefore we feel empowered and pretty excited to try them as soon as possible .

2. We tend to treat them like accessories

Who hasn’t experienced the joy of buying a cute notebook and then were tempted to take it with them everywhere, either as the excuse that it is their most valuable planner, or that it carries all the important addresses and phone numbers or even the shopping lists, but in truth, their beautiful design gives us the opportunity to express ourselves. It’s a small item -nothing outrageous or too overboard- that reflects our personality. It can be stylish, carrying an weird but cool pattern or just simply  adorable and that’s just how stationery reflect who we are on the inside.

3. Stationery are pretty affordable

This may be the reason why we don’t perceive them as ’’real expenses’’. We tend to forget that even if the price of ordinary writing supplies is most of the time really low, there are still money we are talking about. However, in the spun of the moment, we can’t be bothered to think about this. The only thing we know is that we need to have them as soon as possible. What’s more, in some occasions, their price may appear so appealing that we can’t help but think it’s a really good bargain we cannot afford to miss.

4. We buy stationery hoping that they will help us be more organised

There’s always an important date, an anniversary or a phone number you need to remember, and that’s exactly what daily planners and sticky notes are for! Stationery are really practical and handy, not to mention fancy. Sometimes they can be a lifesaver, especially when you just happen to be living a pretty messy life and need help with sorting out your priorities for the day.

No matter the reasons we tend to compulsively buy them, stationery are and will remain an important part of our daily routine. Collecting them can be considered quite a nice hobby to have. Some even claim it is definitely more on the side of a healthy obsession. After all, if stationery can help us be more productive  and inspire us to make use of our creativity, why wouldn’t we buy them?  In the end we just need to be a little more careful about the frequency and the amount in which we purchase them.

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  1. Very interesting , it s making me look at stationery stuff from another perspective. You pointed the best info and i do see this kind of “accessories” as a creativity boosters and some of them are very affordable .


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